How do paper airplanes fly? By: Marcus lemos

What are Paper Airplanes?

First of All, Paper Airplanes are folded up pieces of paper that resemble a plane. There are lots of different sizes and shapes that people make for them to fly differently. But my question is how do they fly?

How do these paper Planes stay soaring in the air?

Paper airplanes fly from four balanced forces. Drag, Gravity, Thrust, and Lift.

1st ForCe: Thrust

This is the forward movement of the plane. That makes it go. Like when someone throws a paper plane.

2nd force: Drag

This is the opposite force of thrust. Drag is the aerodynamic part of a plane where the air pushes of the plane to get it going fast.

3rd force: Lift

Lift is mainly what the wings do to a plane. Which makes the plane soar through the air. To oppose the gravity's pull down.

Final forcE: GRAVITY

Gravity is the anti- plane force because it causes the plane to fall. But if you were to fly it in zero gravity it wouldn't fly. So gravity and lift help balance the flight of a paper airplane.


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