Polar Bears By: Jay miller

My specie is the Polar Bear. Its a big Arctic snow animal. I would describe it as a big fluffy white furred w/ sharp claws, sharp teeth, big body and a big head. i would also say its 6.6 foot tall standing on its hind legs.

Polar Bears can live in Alaska, Greenland, and Norway. They feed mainly on ringed and bearded seals. But they also feed on Harp and Hooded seals, and they scavenge on carcasses of of Beluga whales, Walruses, Narwhals, and Bowhead seals.

The greatest Threat that is impacting the Polar bears and their environment is Climate Change.

Climate change impacts affect to the Polar Bears and its lifestyle because the temperature is increasing by x2 as fast as the normal change in temperature everywhere else. That has an affect on their lifestyle because with the temperature changing, then the ice is melting and making it harder for the Polar bears to hunt and it also makes traveling hard for them too.

One way we are trying to help prevent this problem occurring is that we are trying not to pollute the air with fumes. We are also wanting to transfer over and only use electricity instead of using coal, gas cars, and other types of things that pollute the air.

If we want for Polar bears to stay alive then we need to find a way to slow down the climate change, because if we don´t they´ll go extinct.


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