Katelyn Bowen News Media Application

(I took or was present for every photograph included in this presentation.)

I have always been immensely fascinated by the world around me.

Each day I am astounded by another glorious creation; dumbfounded by each piece of our world.

I have loved writing since I was young because I feel that it's the only way to truly create using no external resources--just the words that come to my brain. I emulate the act of creation, and I long to pay tribute through writing to the world I love.

Along with my love for writing, I have grown with a love for photography--the ability to immortalize a beautiful (or terrible) moment into a single frame so that it can be shared.

This love has been cultivated as a hobby for most of my life so far, until last year.

I was hired as a photographer at a studio....

.....where I get to capture images of the most beautiful creations of all: people.

I want to be a journalist because I want to share the truths that I discover about the world around me.

My dream is to be a travel journalist so that I can combine my love for writing and photography to spread the good news of wonderful places, peoples, and cultures.

(I'd love to write for any travel journal or website, though National Geographic would be the ultimate dream.)

Eventually, I hope to be successful as a freelancer.

I, Katelyn Bowen, hope to contribute to a better world through writing.

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