Ethical Policy Making Ryan Butcher, Nicole Genge, Audrey Mackenzie, Madeliene McMillan, Ryan Mullen, Jared Schumm, Robert Smith

Defining Human Resources Practices

Practices that form Human Resources
Four main practices of HR
Importance of ethical practices

Defining Ethics

Ethical ideology came from philophy
Defining, defending, and recommending right actions
Essential to any successful business
The important difference between ambition and greed

Ethical Policy Making

Five aspects of business in which ethics are applied
The hierarchy of ethics within a business
Implementation of ethics with new employees

Unethical Policies

Unethical practices have wide implications
Manifests as an individual or an organization
WorldCom and Enron

Examples of Ethical Policies

Broad circumstances require many different policies
Fiat/Chrysler company in regards to making multicultural policies
Hobby Lobby: beliefs of the owners can effect policies

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