Radiologist Rylee Hunt

While taking the "Reality Check" assessment, I learned that I need to make at least $45,228 a year, and radiologists in Northwest Minnesota make $128,390 a year.

In the "Learning Styles Survey" I was informed about the different ways I learn. I had a visual learning score of 32, an auditory score of 30, and a tactile score of 30.

Some tasks radiologists need to accomplish on a daily basis include interpreting results of procedures like x-rays, MRI's, and mammograms. They need to communicate the test results to physicians, families, and patients, and they need to be able to perform procedures such as biopsies and catheter placement.

Radiologists need to be able to communicate, reason and problem solve, and use math and science. It is very important that they can manage timing, oneself, other people and things, along with being able to work with people and percieve and visualize.

Radiologists need to be able to sit for long periods of time, speak clearly so other people can understand them, and be able to see the difference between colors, shades, and brightness. Radiologists need to be aware that they have a very large amount of responsibility for the health and safety of others.

Even though radiologists are in charge of the health and safety of their patients, they still need to protect themselves. Since they are around radiation on a daily basis, they need to make sure to wear the appropriate protective gear. They work indoors in stressful environments, where they need to meet strict daily deadlines.

Helpful high school courses for radiologists include: Algebra, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Applications. After high school, to become a radiologist you need to complete medical school, have a bachelors degree, and they need to complete a two year internship, and a residency program. Two programs of study, are Medicine and Osteopathic medicine.

In Northwest Minnesota radiologists can get an average of $182,390 a year. In the United States the average amount of money a year for radiologists is $116,510.

In the future, I would most definitely consider being a radiologist. I like the fact that they help people everyday, but I am not excited about how they are always exposed to radiation. However, I would still love to be a radiologist especially because of the benefits that come with the job which include, sick leave, paid vacation, health insurance, and a retirement plan.


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