Music Education? What's that?

There's a huge problem growing in our school system...

Lately music programs in public schools have suffered or been eliminated every time budget cuts are made.

In 2013, up to 59% of NY city schools didn't have a full-time certified music teacher, and only 36% of 6-8th graders reported participating in music at all.

Studying music has actually proven to help students develop crucial life skills like language and reasoning, memorization, and coordination.

Students with music education have actually been reported to score higher on the SATs. One study reported an average of 44 points higher in math for students with music education courses.

School boards everywhere often see cutting music programs as an easy way to fix their budgets, but they're actually cutting important opportunities out of students' lives.

That's where Jax Music Revival come in.

The mission of this company is to bring music education majors in from local colleges to help teach music to young kids.

Find out more in our promotional video:


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