Comparing Digital Tools and Technologies by jordan Gullick

A comparison has been carried out between two increasingly popular educational resources. The comparisons have been made between Khan Academy, and the incredibly well know YouTube.

There are constantly new ways of educating ourselves with the ever expanding online network, and it can become difficult to compare and contrast some popular formats to find one suitable for your type of work.

I will begin by stating the advantages and disadvantages of the video-sharing website, YouTube.

As we all know, YouTube has become extremely popular since it first began. There are now videos on every subject thinkable, posted directly from professionals and subject matter experts. Documentaries and tutorials can be found for the purpose of education, and videos implementing your research can be found readily using the search function.

For me, the main advantage would be the ease of access. Simply searching can yield pages of videos that increase daily. Videos can be found from several sources that allow users to find information that is suited to their learning style and subject.

Another main advantage to take into account for me would be that the information is given to us in video form. I personally believe that this convention for portraying information leads us to have a large intake of what is said and shown to us, compared to reading endless amounts of information from other forms such as essays or books. This is of course down to personal opinion, but I believe that the video combined with audio stops us from being distracted, and therefore take in more of what is being taught.

YouTube also allows the ability to rewind, which can become increasingly useful compared to live lectures that result in a great amount of notes being taken.

Another great advantage of using YouTube can be the ability to like and comment on videos. This can become useful when studying due to being able to find highly rated, well received videos that others have found to be enjoyable. As well as being able to review the comments before watching, there is also the option to ask questions within the comments section. This can become a further educational tool as this gives the chance of many varied answers and opinions on a subject.

Disadvantage wise, the main would be that the user requires a good internet connection for the streaming of online videos. This can become a problem in public areas where WiFi is poor, or perhaps in an educational environment where internet services are strained.

Another disadvantage to mention would be the adverts that are presented before videos are shown. These can become tedious and perhaps distracting to the viewer.

The suggestions of videos, although extremely useful, can also become a hindrance to completing work. This is due to the suggestions being shown on what you watch mostly, which can provide both useful, relevant videos, as well as suggestions from videos that you had watched in the last month.

Now to put into comparison, I looked at Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide educational lectures in the form of YouTube videos. Again, we are using YouTube as a tool for educational purposes, but the main point with Khan Academy is that these videos have been specifically chosen due to their content and quality.

Khan Academy uses structured search features that allow a student to find a detailed and precise video lecture on their chosen subject area. Despite the YouTube service still being used, we must remember that these are chosen videos and remove the need to search endlessly for a suitable video.

Another advantage for Khan Academy is that the user is provided with a great and intriguing layout. This will give younger audiences an interesting viewing experience compared to the fairly basic aesthetic of YouTube.

As opposed to YouTube, Khan Academy includes all of the relevant videos on the same page, which I believe will reduce the chances of distraction whilst changing to other videos. This will again keep the student interacting with the relevant information and on track of the lectures that are being taught.

Again with this type of learning tool, you are given the opportunity to rewind and replay the videos as you please, which comes to great use when taking notes or wanting to revisit something that you have missed.

As a disadvantage, I believe that the Khan Academy layout may become too tiring for extensive use. Despite being very engaging for perhaps a younger audience, I think that the functions can become distracting, and result in searching for unrelated media due to other suggestions that are unrelated.

Again, the user must also have a reliable internet connection to stream the videos that are provided from YouTube.

As a conclusion, I think that the use of either could be just as rewarding as a digital tool.

The main advantage of Khan Academy is that you are presented with relevant videos that have already been chosen for their quality, which reduces the need to search through realms and realms of posted videos. But we must not steer from the point that these videos are still posted onto YouTube, and are still using the YouTube service as a digital tool.

Although unrelated videos can be distracting, we must not forget that many great videos are sponsored within YouTube, and are suggested to viewers of similar videos. This then provides a similar service to Khan Academy in that relevant videos are being given to the student.

Personally, I would prefer use the YouTube service as I believe I can spend the time to find quality videos that portray the information in several ways. Compared to Khan Academy, I believe that YouTube is a lot more user friendly due to the constant research and time that is put into making the site as functional as possible.

Although Khan Academy is an incredibly useful tool, my opinion is that the site will need improvement in the user friendly department, which will lead to more efficient use and easier search features.

Thank you,

Jordan Gullick


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