How to shoot a deer By: COdy Samples

The first thing you do while shooting a deer is hold the gun right. While holding the gun, you want to hold it tight against your shoulder, and take deep breaths. You also want to make sure your eye is a few inches from the scope. This will also give you a better look at the deer.

While aiming at a deer you want to hit the deer right in the heart. You want to make sure you hit it good and you get right in there. Hitting the deer in the heart is the best shot you can get and the deer will not run very far after the shot.

When you shoot you want to make sure you don't jerk. When you shoot most people will jerk one way when they hear the sound. When you jerk, it can cause you to miss the heart by a few inches, or you could miss the deer completely.

When you hunt you want to make sure you have lots of ammo that way if you miss you have more shots at the deer. Also you want to make sure you have more than one bullet in the chamber, or more than one bullet ready to go in the chamber.

When and if you hit the deer you want to wait a minute so you don't spook the deer. If you spook the deer, that will cause it to go a different direction, and go further. So waiting after shooting is very important.

After you find the dead deer, you have to gut it. When you gut a deer, the only thing you need is a knife. You want to cut the deer right down the stomach so you don't mess it up. After that, you want to take out all of its guts, but make sure you leave the meat.

After you get the deer back, you want to hang it from a rope, one very similar to this. This rope will dry the deer, and drip all or most of the blood off. This is an important step because it will have the meet. You will let the deer hang until you are ready to put it in the freezer.

After doing all this, you can finally find out how to cook and eat the meat. It is very important to also learn how to cook and beat the meat because if you don't do this right it could ruin your meat. You only have to beat the meat for certain kinds of deer meats. So, now have fun with the rest and enjoy your deer!!!

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Cody Samples


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