...And Nothing But The Truth, Greyhound Racing By Mia O'Dowd 7D

Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pianka/234281922

Visual Text

The Following Visual Techniques Shown Are...
  • Direct Glare
  • Mood
  • Body Language
  • Framing
  • The white dog and text

Written Text

Controversial Spot

The following Written Text Techniques used are...
  • Emotional Language
  • Inclusive Language
  • Repetition
  • Logical Arguements
  • Rhetorical Questions

Personal Reflection

I chose Greyhound Racing for an issue because I really care about dogs and other animals, and want to give them a voice for the animal abuse of Greyhound Racing

I really liked doing this assignment. I think I did the Written Text very well, as well as the ThingLink on Visual Text. If I was to do this again I might change the overall layout and choice of pictures.

I did need a bit of help from Dad with the Photoshop picture on ThingLink, but I did the rest of it independently.

The main thing I learnt on the art and power of persuasion is that there are numerous techniques that could be effective for both visual and written communication.

This assignment not only was fun to do but also quite difficult, I had quite a bit of trouble handle the Visual Text in Photoshop, because I had never used it before. It was quite easy writing the Written Text though, because I like writing expositions and personal opinions.

My favourite part was making the Visual Text in Photoshop, even though it was difficult and challenging to do. Photoshop was fascinating and cool to use to help make a good image. The facts I found were both interesting and really sad considering that these greyhounds have to suffer.

My point of view on Greyhound Racing has changed since completing this task. Originally I thought Greyhound Racing was a normal sport like people do but now based on the cruelty to the dogs I am against this sport. I understood that it was a very important issue that should be taken care of.

I hope we do more work like this soon.

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Mia O'Dowd

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