Lady Elliot Island Wildlife Wonderland

Lady Elliot island is a coral cay. Located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef it attracts provide hunting and breeding grounds for birds, and its surrounding waters showcase some of the best marine life that the Reef has to offer.

Capricornian Silvereye find shelter and food in bushes like the octopus bush.

Buff-banded rail hunt insects in the grasses.

Eastern regret in the lagoon at sunrise.

Eastern reef egret hunting.

Ruddy turnstone can be seen on the exposed rocky reef as the tide recedes.

Black (or white-capped) noddy.

Red-tailed tropic bird preparing to "land" near the resort.

Red-tailed tropicbird after touchdown.

White-bellied sea eagles hunt over the island in the morning and evening.

Lesser frigatebird are frequent visitors to the skies above the island, but these intrepid voyagers never make landfall on the island.

The green tree frog is an introduced soecies to the island, it loves hanging around moist ares in the resort... Like the facilities block.
The lagoon shelters lots of marine life that can tolerate shallow warm water and some time exposed to the hot sun.

In the water, the wildlife is awesome. This leatherback turtle was resting under a large rock.

These green turtles were checking each other out.

Another very inquisitive green turtle
Lots of amazing fish life inhabit the reefs around the island.
The Severance was a two masted sailing boat that sank in 1998 and now forms an artificial reef and great dive site.

In winter, reef manta rays congregate... Certain dive sites have cleaning stations where the mantas hang out and allow divers a close encounters.

The main lighthouse is no longer used, replaced by a fully automatic electric light.
And of course Lady Elliot's sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.


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