Totem poles Mikayla Schanou


  • Pacific Islands & Pacific Northwest
  • Red Cedar
  • Historical events, ancestry, animals (symbolism), crests
  • Rights and privileges ("Low man on the totem pole")
  • Crest~House Post~Mortuary~Memorial~Shame
  • Shame- environmental issues, disasters, "ridicule unpaid debts", (1989 Exxon)
  • Facing a body of water
alaskan Totem poles
  1. Seward's Folly, Russia
  2. Governor, John Green Brady's goal
  3. 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibit in St. Louis to broadcast raw materials + showmanship
  4. Gain tourism, interest, settlers for statehood
  • Toured the coast of Alaska to ask to borrow totem poles for Louisiana Purchase
  • Natives reluctant with other 'borrowers' from Russia because of epidemics
“It was especially remarkable that Brady was given the poles as gifts, because more than one professional collector had tried to purchase poles from these same villages and had been refused. Trusting in Brady and looking to the future, these leaders chose to share their cultural heritage with the world, even if it meant parting with it”
  • 1906 arrived back from year long exhibit landing in Sitka
  • Sitka Exhibit still standing
“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the poles is that they continue to fulfill their purpose. Just as the original donors intended, the preservation and display of these objects have provided a lasting memorial to their cultural heritage.”

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