Online Reputation By: morgan schindler

Why should you have a good online reputation?

You should have a good online reputation for may reasons. If you are applying for college's they are going to look at you social media accounts, and if you have horrible things on your accounts you probably aren't going to get in. Also, if you have younger siblings they will more than likely look at your social media. If it is full of bad things, your siblings will either tell on you, or do the same things you are doing. Set an example! Lets say you don't have siblings, its also good for job interviews. We will all have to apply for a job at some point in our life, and they will be looking at your social media as well. That could determine whether you get the job or not.

How do you create good online reputation?

You can create a good online reputation by thinking before you post. It is super cliche and you have probably heard it 1 million times but it is so true. Before i post anything, i always show it to my mom and have her judge whether it is okay to put out there. If your post could hurt anyone in anyway then you shouldn't post it. Always think before you post to keep a positive online reputation. Also, remember that nothing goes away so you cant just delete it and have it go away.

How do you make sure my online reputation is positive?

You can make sure your reputation is positive by googling yourself. Anyone could take a picture of you and post it, and you have to make sure you stay on top of things like that. Those types of things could really hurt you down the road. Also don't post anything that you don't want to be judged by. If someone were to look at your account, would it be a good first impression or a bad one?

who should you follow to have a good reputation?

You should follow people who you might meet later down the road. Future employees, college ect. If you are trying to get a job, and they see that you are keeping up with their social medias they will see you have a real interest for the job. Same thing with colleges, following someones social media will show that you want to keep up with them. Which is really good when trying to get hired at a or get into college.

How many people have phones?

More than HALF of the world uses a smart phone. That is 3.75 billion people. 2/3 have a mobile phone. That is about 4.6 billion people.

how many people have social media accounts?

81% of the U.S population have a social media account. It has grown tremendously from a 24% in 2008.

Do colleges and buisnesses look at social media accounts

Yes, most colleges and businesses do look at social media accounts. Some don't, but you don't want to take the chance of having something bad on your social media. Always remember, whoever is checking your application still can look at your social media accounts. So it is better to have a good online reputation and not have to worry about it.



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