Curriculum & Instruction Portfolio by: Jaimee Johnston

Thank you for taking the time to view this portfolio. This is a collection of evidence to prove the quality of work produced throughout the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s Program at Northwest Nazarene University. As I hope you will notice, each of the final projects was completed with a large amount of effort and attention to detail. This portfolio collection will discuss the final projects in each class. These projects helped me gain knowledge in areas such as global education and the challenges that accompany it, the learning process and how the brain works to process information, instructional models and how they can improve learning in the classroom, the impacts instructional coaching can have in a classroom, how to take plan appropriate and effective curriculum, assessment, and collaboration, how to bring innovation into the classroom, and what struggles students and teachers face in my content area. This was an exceptional program that allowed me to develop my passion and knowledge of teaching.

Metacognitive Paper

EDUC 7551- Global Education in a Multi-Cultural Society

EDUC 7511- The Learning Process

EDUC 7532- Instructional Models

EDUC 7505- Teachers as Leaders

EDUC 7552- Instructional Coaching

EDUC 7553- Curriculum, Assessment, and Collaboration

EDUC 7554- Innovative Instruction

EDUC 7557- Research Project


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