Agriculture project 2016 By: Allison Dwyer

The First Agricultural Revolution?

  • When did it occur? - this transition occurred worldwide between 10,000 BC and 2000 BC, with the earliest known developments taking place in the Middle East.
  • Farming and the raising of livestock tied people to land for cultivation and grazing grounds, and this transition gave rise to permanent settlements.
Wheat is the first cereal to be cultivated by man. In several places in the Middle East it is being sowed, tended and reaped soon after 8000 BC.

The Second Agricultural Revolution

  • The Second Agricultural Revolution occurred from 1700 to 1900 in Western Europe
  • The plow, Horse Collar, seed drill (industrialization)
  • Crop rotation and the four-course system.
Farming has changed a lot since back then

The Third Agricultural Revolution

  • 1700 to 1900 in developed countries.
  • Technological innovations and scientific farming methods

What are genetically modified organisms

  • Genetically Modified Organisms - plants and animals changed as a result or biotechnology
  • Pros: More resistant to weeds, pests and disease
  • Cons: Mixing Genes from different organisms, some GM foods were marked without labeling


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