CRA Newsletter AutumN Term 1 - october 16th 2020

Principal's Update

It is lovely to be able to share with you that as we had so many high-quality applications for Head Boy and Head Girl that we were also able to create posts for deputies. The Head boy is Ciaran Healy and Head Girl is Raquel Sao Pedro. Deputy Head Boy is Morgan Morris and Deputy Head Girl is Sophie Perrin-Brown. We are looking forward to the support they will offer the school community and know they will benefit and grow in character from the experience.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the student and parent surveys. As a school we value your feedback and will share it with all staff. We are always looking to improve the progress our students make as well as our social and cultural offer.

You will have received a recent MCAS message about the enrichment offers for next half term. Please encourage your son/daughter to think through the options carefully and reflect on what they have enjoyed this term and what new opportunities they might want to experience.

I am looking forward to judging the portrait competition next week as I have heard there are some excellent entries. Please remember these competitions are also open to parents and if you were to win you would gain house points for your child’s house.

We are looking forward to welcoming the new CEO of DRET to Charles Read next week as we are very proud of our students, staff and their achievements.

School Governors

Have you ever thought about becoming a school Governor? Becoming a school governor is an opportunity to work together with a team of people to share values, experience and contribute to continually improving education and opportunities for young people in our communities.

CRA currently has a vacancy for a Parent Governor. If you would like to know more about the process of becoming a school Governor please visit the CRA website "Governors" section for details.

DRET is always on the look out for members of the community to support their schools across the county.

Governors are meeting via MS teams right now so travel does not have to be a barrier and we can make arrangements for this to continue beyond the pandemic.

Finally, following the one confirmed Covid case of a student at CRA this week, may I take this opportunity to remind all students about wearing masks. A mask should be worn on all transport both to and from school. A plain mask should be worn when transitioning between lessons and in all communal areas. Good handwashing procedures and use of sanitiser throughout the day is also essential. We all have a duty of care to each other to ensure we are doing everything to keep everyone safe.

For more information about Governor roles within DRET, please visit the DRET website or contact Maria Maltby to discuss the role and potential opportunities in a school of your choice.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that we can all enjoy some bright autumn sunshine.

Kind regards, Mrs Jones

CRA Values

We would like to introduce to you our new student leadership team for 2020-21. All the applicants this year were of a high quality and gave some really thorough responses at interview. We were very impressed particularly with our Head Boy and Head Girl who talked about our CRA values of aspiration, respect and confidence in particular as being skills they could bring to the role and share with our student body. Well done to everyone!

Head Boy - Ciaran Healy Aqua

Head Girl - Raquel San Pedro - Terra

Raquel & Ciaran

Deputy Head Boy - Morgan Morris - Caeli


Deputy Head Girl - Sophie Perrin Brown - Aqua


Curriculum Update

English Department Update

Students have made an excellent start to their English studies this year. Year 7 have made great progress in their reading of Oliver Twist; Year 8 have completed their first Sherlock Holmes story; Year 9 are rapidly approaching the conclusion of Animal Farm and our GCSE students are fully immersed in A Christmas Carol and Macbeth.

We've been excited to launch the Accelerated Reader program for this year and it's great to see the students so involved in their reading. A highlight of this term has been the creative work produced by years 10 and 11. Their descriptions of a market and stories on the theme of 'Abandoned' were a joy to read. I look forward to seeing a lot more outstanding work from all our students next half term!

Miss Brealey - Head of English


Don't forget to that every week students should ensure they achieve 4 daily goals on the Tassomai system.

Student Portal

All pupils have now managed to access the Student Portal either from home or whilst at school. Accordingly the CRA Homework Policy 2020 is now in effect in terms of outcomes should this not be adhered to.

We are proud that CRA learners demonstrate these learning traits on a daily basis.

Career's Corner

We are in an extremely fortunate position where we are able to run a virtual interview process for our year 11 students, as a vital part of their preparations for interviews – whether that be for post 16 facilities, a 6th form College or an apprenticeship.

These interviews will take place week commencing 23rd November for the majority of students, and we have sent out some useful tips in previous newsletters regards interview techniques and the kinds of questions which may be asked.

All year 11 students will be allocated a 30 minute interview slot week commencing 23/11/2020. Students will receive an email and a letter detailing the exact date and time of their interview directly after the half term break.

Please read the letter as this gives more details about what the students will need to do to prior to their interview, and suggestions about what they should wear for their interview.

Lincolnshire County Council - Careers Update

We have recently been sent communications from Lincolnshire County Council in respect of their provision for careers opportunities during the current Covid climate.

The new videos include Liam Scully, Chief Executive of Lincoln City Football Club talking about how he started his working life doing an Apprenticeship, why it worked for him; his advice for school leavers; as well as Sara Hobson, Lindum Group Training Manager explaining what Lindum are looking for in an employee and the value of volunteering.

Please read the full letter here.

Watch this space for future updates concerning careers or visit the CRA website Careers Support pages.

Attendance Update

On Wednesday 14th October we had Aqua7, Aqua8, Aqua9 and Aqua10 all having 100% attendance in school which is fantastic!!

Caeli7 and Caeli8 had over 97% attendance this week and Aqua9 had over 98% attendance this week.

Caeli7 have had 3 days in row of 100% attendance this week.

To report a student absence

To report a child’s absence - Please telephone school 01476 550333 and press one for Attendance line (24 hour answer machine) on the first day of absence before 9 a.m. giving your child's name, class and reason for the absence. You can also send a MCAS message to report an absence. Please can you contact school every day regarding an ongoing absence, not just on the first day of an absence.


Please ensure you have checked and updated your parental consents on My Child at School. There have been some recent updates including the permission to allow us to teach your children remotely via Teams if we are forced to close a bubble of students due to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Please see a recent communication in regard to Level of risk regarding transmission of COVID-19 in Lincolnshire from LCC.

If you are uncertain about what actions to take when it comes to Covid symptoms and whether you should send your child to school, please review the attached letter from Public Health England, and posters below.

Miss Butcher - Attendance Manager

House News

House Football Competition

The year 11 house football teams went head to head in the final round of matches to bring an enthralling week of football at Charles Read Academy to a close. After a number of closely contested matches it was Aqua who prevailed, clinching 4 points from a possible 6 after a 1-0 win over Terra and 1-1 draw with Caeli. The final match ended in a 0-0 draw between Caeli and Terra meaning there was a tie at the top of the overall house football league table.

Following every round of matches Caeli and Aqua finished on 14 points each and Terra accumulated a total of 10 points. As a result of a tie at the top 1st place was decided on overall goal difference; The amount of goals scored subtracted by the amount of goals conceded. It could not of been closer between the top 2 as Aqua ended up with a +1 goal difference, which in the end was not enough as Caeli finished the week with a goal difference of +2. The staff football competition is still to be arranged, therefore the final standings could still change – as it stands from the student round of games, Caeli are champions – watch this space for updates!

World Mental Health Day

Saturday 10th October was World Mental Health Day and the House Championship sent out a short survey for students to complete. 20 bonus points were on offer for the house with the most responses to the survey who had carried out at least one of the five ways to well being. Congratulations to Terra who recorded the most responses and picked up 20 bonus points for their house.

Portrait Artist Competition

The deadline for the Portrait House Competition is today. The Games master has received lots of excellent entries and judging will take place on Monday with Mrs Jones. Keep an eye out for the results by following @CRA_HouseChamp on twitter or Instagram.

Halloween season coming soon to CRA!!

As Halloween approaches CRA have two exciting competitions planned to take place over half term. Details for these competitions will be released next week and sent home to all parents on MCAS as well as posted out on our social media accounts. These are community competitions which students, family members and staff can all take part in.

For regular updates and all the latest house news and action from competitions follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram @CRA_HouseChamp

Mr Webb - Games Master

Department Updates

Year 7 Science

All students have now completed ‘Working Scientifically’ and have started learning about ‘Energy and Forces’. We are excited to be able to share the student workbooks with you so that you might talk with your child about their science lessons, re-read content and ideas we have covered, and read ahead.

Discussing the learning can help your child recall important concepts and build their confidence and resilience. We are already delighted with student engagement and hope this will support further learning.

The current workbook is now available via Student Portal in the ‘Lesson Plan’ section. Clicking on the magnifying glass allows you to download the workbook. As we start new topics, new workbooks will be added.

Miss Burrell, Miss Robinson, Miss Wathall & Mr Drumm - The CRA Science Team

Food Technology Enrichment

We have been really busy in the food technology enrichment club and have made a super range of products recently.

These include our own flat breads with a Greek salad, cookies and decorated cakes- you can see some of the amazing designs that were produced- and I am sure that you will agree with me that they look superb.

Thank you for coming along to the club this term- next term we are looking at a textiles enrichment instead, so that you can make a start on your Christmas presents.

Mrs Rees - Food Technology Teacher

Table Talk

Our CRA value being discussed in house assembly next week is Courage.

Nelson Mandela

We would love you as a family to take the time to have a discussion about the Nelson Mandela quote and what it means to you.

Word of the Week

Geo: earth(Greek word root)

Geology the science which deals with the physical structure and substance of the earth, their history, and the processes which act on them.

This video explains the relevance of geology.

Geographer an expert in the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these.

Geophysics the physics of the earth.

Did you know: The 3rd librarian at the famous library in Alexandria worked out the circumference of the Earth in 194 BC, when most cultures in world still thought it was flat.

Times Tables

At the end of all lessons students stand behind their chairs in silence to prepare for themselves for the next lesson. From September, on a weekly rota, Years 7 and 8 will be reciting their timetables to help embed them in their long term memory.

Week commencing October 19th - 12 times table

Accelerated Reader

Week commencing October 19th during period 2

Year 11 Focus

With 2 weeks until their mock exams, it is the time to check that all students have revision guides for all their subjects and they have used these to highlight the subjects they need to focus on in preparation for their revision. The DfE has announced that GCSE's will go ahead, although they will start a month later, to allow for more teaching time for work to be caught up. It is still important that students get the best possible results in their mocks exams, so that teachers know how to support them, but also should we go into a second lock down these results could be used to inform their final result.

The mock exam timetable can be found by clicking the link below.

Mr Young - Raising Standards Lead

Teen Support

We always love to share any resources we have found with you as parents to give you the opportunity to tap into them. Healthy Minds who run in conjunction with the NHS have put some great workshops online for parents to access here.

As parents you have to click on the link and book onto the available slots so please do have a look. There are some great sessions coming up on improving a young person's wellbeing from a parent perspective. We hope you find them useful.

The Sporting Post

This week we took delivery of the first batch of new PE tops. Our students have been wearing them whilst participating in PE lessons and afterschool enrichment. There are 3 different styles of PE top, one for each house. We have no doubt they will create an even stronger sense of community within our amazing house system.

New CRA House PE kit

If you would like to order one of our new PE tops then please head to Custom Athletics.

We are looking forward to seeing our students wear them during our next sport house competition which is rowing and will take place during November, as part of our ‘Rowvember’ initiative.

For regular updates from the PE department, follow our Twitter and Instagram Pages (@sportatcra).

Transition to CRA

If you have any friends of family that have children looking at options for secondary school from September 2021, please pass them the details below.

Dates for your diary

Please click on the parent calendar to see the full list of upcoming events and activities at CRA

Highlights next week include:

  • House Competition - Portrait Artist
  • Assembly Theme - Student Traits
  • Charity House launch
  • Parent forum - 21st October 2020
  • End of term - 22nd October 2020
  • Staff inset day - 23rd October 2020


Created with images by Trung Pham Quoc - "untitled image" • Sean Stratton - "My trip up and down the Great Smoky Mountains." • Allie - "Rainbow row of Sharpies markers neatly stacked" • Nikita Kachanovsky - "On my eames" • Markus Winkler - "Update" • Science in HD - "Cleantech Research Center at NREL. NREL scientists Michael Crowley and Antti-Pekka Hynninen have developed algorithms that speed calculations done by the software tool CHARMM by several orders of magnitude, using code such as the one pictured. Using NREL's new petascale supercomputer housed in the Energy Systems Integration Facility, they can simulate the motions of thousands of atoms, leading to greater understanding of how molecular models work." • Charles Deluvio - "Office meeting" • Jelleke Vanooteghem - "Urban Art" • Angelina Litvin - "Pencil shavings on a notebook" • Antonio Gabola - "Work and play" • Shane Rounce - "Team building at RGB Parkour Tour back in 2014." • Lysander Yuen - "untitled image" • Jason Leung - "untitled image" • Anne Nygård - "untitled image"