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iFive ERP - Manufacturing / An Inspired Solution for Innovative Manufacturers

Manufacturers today understand the importance of an innovative, flexible and skilled workforce that is enabled by technology to make fast and efficient decisions and that can recognize and take advantage of new opportunities. Fostering this culture of innovation can be aided by ERP system architectures that put new power in the hands of employees by uniting social, mobile, and analytic capabilities. Employees can then raise the individual and collective performance within the company by leveraging real-time shared access to the same repository using a set of tools that meet the business requirements of each user.

iFive ERP for Manufacturers is typically suited to the following industry verticals, with features designed to meet their unique needs.

Auto Components
Auto Components

With iFive ERP, auto component manufacturers can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively for domestic and global OEMs and after-markets. You can accelerate the time-to-market by perfectly aligning your R&D, design and manufacturing with your customers’ needs.

Consumer Products
Consumer Products

Be it demand aggregation, stocking fast-movers, shipping from multiple warehouses across geographies or simply tracing the goods sold, iFive ERP for the Consumer Industry makes your business easier to handle—ensuring that you deliver nothing short of delight to your customers, with every transaction!

Hi-Tech Products

iFive ERP for Electronics and Hi-Tech Manufacturers provides the desired flexibility to adapt your manufacturing processes to rapid design and process changes, without hassles, thereby leading you to the top of your industry.

Industrial Machinery and Products

iFive ERP for Manufacturers of Industrial Machinery helps you to effortlessly manage complexities such as frequent changes in specification, design, processes; handling of several non-standard materials and processes; emphasizing lean manufacturing, and so on, making it easier to attain market leadership.

Precision Products

iFive ERP for Precision Product Manufacturers helps in every task, right from choosing raw materials and sourcing from vendors, to making use of complex machineries. With an able helping hand, you can innovate, and establish world-class quality—to instill confidence in your customers’ minds.


iFive ERP for the Steel Industry knows just how to implement much-needed visibility across your organization, and help you plan and execute a cost-effective supply chain. Now, you can ensure that the materials are there where, when, how they are needed; and also that you deliver to your clients on time.


Whether you are into the cotton-to-yarn, yarn-to-fabric or fabric-to-garment segment—or all of it, iFive ERP for Textile Manufacturers has everything you need to manage your business end-to-end. It helps you manage seasonal fluctuations, high operating costs, processing capacity constraints, and other challenges effortlessly.


iFive ERP for the Leather Industry helps you source from and supply to global markets, without hassles, while also dealing with regulatory compliance and international formalities.


iFive ERP for the Dairy Industry helps you solve even the most complex supply-demand puzzles, making sure you handle a perishable good smartly, without wastage. It also helps you easily manage multiple suppliers, while ensuring a smooth supply chain from end-to-end.


iFive ERP for Cement Manufacturers can help you control your operations end-to-end—from raw material procurement to shipping. You can also ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor your inventory in real-time to manage your raw material and fuel requirements.


iFive ERP on Cloud for Chemicals Manufacturers helps optimize your operating costs without compromising on safety standards, and supports continuous R&D efforts to make sure you remain competitive in your markets, globally.

Food & Beverages

iFive ERP for Food & Beverage Manufacturers helps you overcome constant pressure concerning margins, ever-changing and seasonal demands of retail customers and consumers, changing food habits of people around the world, pressure of adhering to stringent food safety regulations, etc., while also innovating to offer new and better products to your customers, in order to keep them delighted and loyal.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

iFive understands that Pharma industries face more regulation than others. Most countries around the world have similar regulatory regimes in place that mandate a very high level of control for Pharmaceutical and Allied industries. Whether you are a provider of raw materials, run a manufacturing plant, warehouse or wholesale the products, you know that you face the combined challenges of increased global competition and compliance costs. You need to ensure your organization is equipped with the tools and partners to help you respond quickly to change. Choosing a long-term partner who understands your unique business needs and will deliver solutions to propel your capabilities to the next level is critical.

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