Philadelphia Steak & Hoagie Review by ben egenrieder

Hidden in a small strip mall just off the Carlisle Pike, lays a hidden gem called Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie. From the road, you would have no clue that it is a local hot spot. Parking is tight, but not impossible to find. As you walk to the door you start to expect less and less from the restaurant itself, this is probably due to the lack of elegance. In fact, this restaurant does not stand out at all from outside it looks quite bland.

As you look around the restaurant you start to feel a sense of Philadelphia pride. Every professional sports team based in Philadelphia is displayed on the wall. From the Flyers to the Phillies, no wall is left uncovered. Nothing inside Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie screams fancy or even clean necessarily. This restaurant is not for elegant dining, it’s the restaurant you go to eat authentic cheese steaks and cheese fries.

The ordering process is easy on both sides, you walk up and say which type of cheese steak or sub you would like. There are three types of cheese steaks, original (cheese wiz), provolone/American, and a plain. Each name refers to the cheese that is on it. The cheese steaks range from $5.25-$6.59.

The original is their most famous and my personal favorite. They start with a fresh Philly roll. They warm up bags of Cheese Wiz and take a butter knife and lather the Cheese Wiz on both sides of the roll. They then flip the roll over and let it grill. As they do this they work swiftly and efficiently on your steak. They add peppers and onions on command. When the steak is done, they put it in the 12-inch roll and add more Cheese Wiz. Cheese fries are a must have. The fries are crinkle cut and fried to perfection, always crispy, but never too done. They pair the fries with a cup of Cheese Wiz. The last part of my order consists of a large birch beer. My whole order costs $11.47. Trust me you will not go home hungry, nor will you be hungry for the rest of the day or night.

The first bite takes you to a place I like to call food Heaven. The taste is unlike any cheese steak you have ever ate before. Mix that taste with the cheese fries and you feel like you are in a place even better than Heaven. The cheese steak is always served hot and fresh.

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