GlenwoodTimes #6 - September 2018

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Please take note of the change in dates. “Run with the Stars” has also been postponed due to the inclement weather conditions. It will now take place on THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2018. Registration: 15:00 – 17:15 on Thursday 13 September. Race starts at 18:00. "Space Race" will take place on Friday 14 September.

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I am certain that at some stage lately you have heard your children refer to Global Competencies, currently a major focus at Glenwood House. You would also have heard reference, at school and in the media, that we need to educate our children to take their rightful place in a 21st Century world, where they currently find themselves in the midst of the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

This morning I woke up to the news that South Africa has plunged into the first recession since 2009. It could be expected, if one considers that our current employment rate is rapidly heading towards 30%, and that this country’s education system and economy desperately need a major overall. A key part of the fourth industrial revolution in South Africa is that inclusive growth should receive attention, ensuring that everyone receives an equal opportunity to be active participants in the economy. The vast and growing potential of this revolution has yet to be fully understood. The ICT sector, industry, the government and education at all levels, have the responsibility to unlock innovative solutions and opportunities which will ensure a better life for all.

Research suggests that, to prepare for the fourth revolution and the future of work, South Africa must expand its highly skilled talent pool by developing future-ready curriculums, with a large focus on the STEAM subjects - science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics education. South Africa cannot afford to be mere onlookers in this regard; we must actively participate and become ‘activists’ of this revolution, hence the approach by Glenwood House (ADvTECH) to embrace the Global Competencies approach to our curriculum. We need to focus on the critical skills our economy needs and create an environment which is conducive for collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. We need to embrace technology and our government needs to make access to data more readily available to its population, as the access to data is the heartbeat for this revolution to function effectively and to happen successfully.

It is as a direct result of this thinking that we are implementing a robust approach to technology and this has led to us implementing digital literacy in Grade 0, 1, 2 and 3 from the start of this year. Grades 4-7 have been enjoying the new GoLab experience - they are able to go into a technology venue and be allowed the freedom to grow wings without restriction. We need to equip our pupils to become 21st Century learners by exploring future-robust and emerging jobs as careers in this, the fourth industrial revolution!



Grade 000 outing to the George Library

On Tuesday, 7 August 2018, the Grade 000 classes visited the George Library during our Book Theme week. We arrived at the library with much excitement and were received with a warm welcome from the librarians. The children were treated to an entertaining story, read by Gerelene Muller, the children’s librarian, and then proceeded on a tour of the library. It was lovely weather for stories and library time but, unfortunately, we could not have our picnic outside and had to make use of the library foyer for snack time. The children made us very proud with their impeccable behaviour. We would like to thank the staff at the library for a lovely morning.

grade 00 truck stop

As part of our transport theme this week, Jan and Melissa Meyer, parents of Marius and Willem, arranged for a Mercedes truck to come and visit the Grade 00. The children stood in awe as they were faced by this huge, shiny truck. They not only got to experience it from the outside, they were also given the opportunity to climb up into the cab and sit in the driver’s seat. Thank you once again to Melissa and Jan and a special thanks to Mercedes George for the wonderful visit.

grade 0 wetland exploration

Top Right: Tyler Smith, the explorer. Bottom: Looking at all the different bird species found in the wetlands.

We had a wonderful time exploring the Glenwood Wetlands, finding interesting creatures and discovering all the different plant species.

preparatory bulletin

A night at the Theatre

The stage is set; the audience take their seats amid an understated rumble of chatter. A cloak of excitement and anticipation settles in the George Arts Theatre. The play – "The Tempest"! It is, perhaps, among the last and finest romances written by William Shakespeare, in 1611, involving a combination of comedy, romance and tragedy.

The curtain slowly ascends and there, on stage dressed in their fine costumes, are the cast of the Junior Drama Department of Glenwood House. The narrators (Corlia Gottschalk and Katrina Pearce) deftly set the scene. The audience is treated to the opening scene of a ship, carrying Alonso (Saffiya Amanjee), Ferdinand (Rorke Bubanj), Sebastian (Max Bubanj), Antonio (Aiden Barrett), Gonzalo (Eva Regasek), Stephano (Max Nel) and Trinculo (Jonathan Mackway-Wilson) being tossed and turned on an unstable, rough sea. The royal party and the other seafarers, with the exception of the unflappable Boatswain (Oscar Baehnisch), begin to fear for their lives. The boat is shipwrecked on an island where Prospero (Sebastian Hiemstra) has spent twelve years cultivating the magic that gives him the power to punish or forgive his enemies.

Left: A handsome Ferdinand. Right: A calm Boatswain in the center.

The story unfolds as brightly dressed sprites scurry about the stage, carrying out Prospero’s every whim and, to the audience’s delight, Prince Ferdinand (Rorke Bubanj) son of Alonso, falls in love with Miranda (Rachelle Botha), Prospero’s compassionate daughter, upon first sight!

However, there is murder afoot as Sebastian and Antonio discuss killing Alonso and Gonzalo. By now, the audience are enraptured by the exceptional acting prowess of the cast and are engrossed as the tale evolves.

Left: King Alonso with Trinculo and Stefano. Right: Colourful sprites

Trinculo, a jester, and Stephano, a drunken butler, are two secondary members of the shipwrecked party who provide a comic distraction! Their drunken boasting and trivial greed result in delighted laughter from the audience.

All too soon, the play ends and the cast, together with their director, Mrs Michelle Tinzmann, take their final bow. The animated audience clap generously and the curtain descends on yet another successful celebration of Shakespeare!

Left: Miranda with Prospero Right: The Glenwood House Junior cast with Mrs Tinzmann and Miss Bronwyn


Following the issuing of Cycle Two reports, we would like to congratulate the following learners on their achievements:


1. Charl Lamprecht, 2. Olivia Farrell, 3. Morgan Winson-Lagerwey, 4. Kasia Jamneck, 5. Ian Vermaak, 6. Ruben Gouws, 7. Daniel Whitehead, 8. Meia Beukes, 9. Danielle Potgieter, 10. Kyla Hamilton

Front, from left to right: Charl Lamprecht, Olivia Farrell, Morgan Winson-Lagerwey, Kasia Jamnek, Ian Vermaak, Back, from left to right: Kyla Hamilton, Meia Beukes, Daniel Whitehead, Ruben Gouws.


1. Jasmine Furstenburg, 2. Bianca Vegter, 3. Claire Du Preez-Gratz, 4. Luann Erasmus, 5. Mira Hartman, 6. Jamie Smit, 7. Lani de Wet, 8. Jessica du Plooy, 9. Clara Adrian, 10. Zac Nel

Front, from left to right: Jasmine Furstenburg, Bianca Vegter, Claire du Preez-Gratz, Luann Erasmus. Back, from left to right: Zac Nel, Clara Adrian, Jessica du Plooy, Jamie Smit, Mira Hartman. (Absent - Lani de Wet)


1. Ann-Louise Coertze, 2. Samantha Bellew, 3. Joshua Coote, 4. Nické de Ridder, 5. Abigail Powell, 6. Leanka de Kock, 7. Carmi Lewis, 8. Gabrielle Vakis, 9. Wido Rudolph, 10. Cara Mostert

Front, from left to right: Ann-Louise Coertze, Samantha Bellew, Joshua Coote, Nické de Ridder, Abigail Powell. Back, from left to right: Leanka de Kock, Carmi Lewis, Gabrielle Vakis, Wido Rudolph, Cara Mostert


1. Ruan Lamprecht, 2. Nicole Booyens, 3. Marli du Toit, 4. Gisèle Young, 5. AJ Janse van Rensburg, 6. Tiaan Hugo, 7. Emiel Terblanche, 8. Hugo Koen, 9. Clara Campbell, 10. Sean Vonk

Front, from left to right: Ruan Lamprecht, Nicole Booyens, Marli du Toit, Gisèle Young, AJ Janse Van Rensburg, Sean Vonk. Back, from left to right: Tiaan Hugo, Emiel Terblanche, Hugo Koen, Clara Campbell



Ryan de Jager – 7%, Onwaba Sojola – 7,42%


Leonardo Eggers – 11,83%


Abigail Powell – 7%, Anica Botha – 7,05%, Melanie Wesley-Colley – 10,21%, Jessica Powell – 7,43%, Josh Heathcote – 8,24%


Robyn Baker – 8,2%

Front, from left to right: Abigail Powell, Leonardo Eggers, Onwabo Sojola, Ryan de Jager. Back, from left to right: Robyn Baker, Josh Heathcote, Jessica Powell, Melanie Wesley-Colley, Anica Botha.

Well done to all these children!

Measurement is fun!

The Glenwood House learners produced high quality work in Mathematics during the first two cycles of 2018. The Grade 4 to 7 Cycle 1 and 2 averages for Mathematics were outstanding. Congratulations to all the learners and educators for your hard work. The Mathematics educators aim to assist every learner to develop their Mathematics ability and skills.

The Glenwood House Preparatory Mathematics educators from the left are Mr Oosthuizen (Grade 6), Mr Volkwyn (Grade 5), Mrs Niemann (Grade 4), Mr Leonard (Grade 5) and Mr Wagner (Head of Mathematics, Grade 6 and 7)

The Mathematics educators put in a tremendous amount of effort assisting every learner during the learning process. They have included a variety of tasks in the lessons to assist all the learners with their knowledge, skills and attitude development. The teachers use worksheets, posters, videos, discussions, group work, mental Mathematics, speed tests, formal assessment tasks, and even outdoor activities, during the lessons.

The Grade 4 learners are busy working together to complete the multiplication maze. They had to use long multiplication sums to try get to the finish.

Measurement has, however, become an area of concern for us. The CAPS documents for Mathematics requires the leaners to be able measure and do a variety of calculations with mass, capacity, length, area, perimeter, volume, circumference and surface area by the end of Grade 7. We have realized that the learners need to do more practical measurement activities at home, in the work place and at school. Measurement has the potential to make Mathematics more interesting and fun. It also stimulates and develops the children’s creative skills. Measurement tasks gives parents and teachers an opportunity to connect with learners and have fun. We, as parents and educators, have the responsibility to guide the learners to find a healthy balance in practice between technological advancement and measurement . Our learners have to get their ‘hands dirty’. It is important that we allow our learners to help in the kitchen, measure in the garden, construct in the workroom, do repairs, help solve every day plumbing and electrical problems, etc. The photos below shows Grade 6 learners having fun whilst completing a measurement task at school.

college campus

GRADE 11 LIFE SCIENCES Environmental project



Left: Gerrit le Roux - Qualified for the u16 Eden Chess Team. Middle Left: Emma Pretorius - Equestrian (WC Team for SANESA Schools league All Eastern Cape dressage, 3rd SA WC eventing, 1st SANESA 3rd overall; WC showing champion 1st ranked in South Africa). Middle Right: Leigh Paton - Culture (A+ in undramatised poetry at George Eisteddfod, A in dramatised poetry at George Eisteddfod). Right: Madison Ash - Equestrian (3rd Southern Cape Women and Junior Championships C Division (hc 19 – 36) and Culture (B+ in piano solo at the George Eisteddfod).
Left: Superstar and Iron Lady Jade das Fontes on the left of the photo. (SA Champs Canoe Polo – 3rd u16 and 2nd u21; SA Champs Paddling 18 km marathon – 2nd u16; ECCU Champs Paddling 18 km marathon – 1st u16). Congratulations! Right: Natasha Barends - Winner of the Bekgeveg Senior Division Trophy.


The House started a new tradition! The idea is to exhibit artwork from the boarders (and guests) in a certain area of the dining room for all to see. Angelique decided that she wanted to take on this responsibility and, the first thing she did, was to paint a dining room table yellow. I nearly had a coronary! The grass outside had a yellow shimmer for a few days as well. Angelique did a great job and the Art Corner is now up and running. Other boarders helped out and more and more art is exhibited in the dining room. Parents are welcome to come and check it out. We want to keep it fresh and exhibit the hard work of our boarders to parents and visitors.


The Bekgeveg is an Afrikaans public speaking event. Certain themes are given to the pupils and they can compete as juniors or seniors in this contest, which adds points for the different Houses of the school. We are extremely proud of Natasha Barends, who walked away with the top position in the senior competition. She did extremely well and the victory was well-deserved.

Boarders Shannon Bangay and Thairone Tucker were involved in the entertainment for the evening – so nice to see the boarders getting involved and doing well in the school arena! Making their presence known in the school …..


The House seems to be turning into a culture centre of note. Thairone is teaching everyone to play the piano (Deaghlan managed to learn in three weeks and can now actually hold his own) and we now have a number of boarders who can play piano. Hearing that piano being played so often in the dining room is truly special. The piano belongs to the House parents and, placing it in the dining room for the use of all, proved to be a gift that keeps on giving.

More boarders than ever before have participated on stage in the SHOWCASE this year. There are also plans underway for the House to entertain the rest of the school once per term in the Presentations period on Tuesdays, showing off the extraordinary talent in the House.

The House’s favorite sing-along song seems to be Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”; Xmas sing-along song of choice is “Feliz Navidad”.


Daan-Bela Witte arrived at the boarding house in the beginning of 2017. From the first moment, he was quite a character and he will always be remembered. Now back in Germany, Daan misses the House and the school, and he decided to record a video clip for everyone. On the clip he sings a song and then delivers a message. The idea was to play this video clip at the Showcase this year, but this was not possible.

So, we gladly share this with everyone now.

Daan still keeps in contact - he will forever remain in our thoughts as one of the most memorable boarders ever! What a character he was in the House...

The new outdoor chess set will carry his name in remembrance of a truly unique individual.

All the best from all of us, Daan!


During the school holidays, hostel mom and dad were working to promote the boarding house to the Knysna public and visitors. There were even performers from Glenwood at the event, doing their thing for the school. Derick was a hit with his balloon animals, Amy with her incredible dancing, and Christie with her monologue -and she even sang, too!


The final matric dinner was conducted recently. During this event, the House bids farewell to its matric boarders. It is quite early to do this, as they will still be around during the year, but with the increasing academic pressure, little will be seen of some of them as they start their preparations for the final examinations at home, only coming in to write their examinations.

There was the sad goodbye song that the matrics sang to the House, and the House replied by singing it to the matrics. Of course, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” found its way into the evening – this song has become quite a hit among the boarders, and the matrics of 2018 have left this little tradition behind as a legacy. Whenever this song starts up in the House, everyone joins in with gusto.

There were a few memorable moments:

• Áedán Cumming and Bugan Esau fulfilled the roles of Head Boy and Head of House this year – one of the few occasion where the Head Boy came from the boarding house.

• Sean Sassin is officially the first pupil/boarder to complete his schooling in the hostel. He was one of the first boarders when the boarding house started and he has seen the developments over the years. His photo will go up on the House wall as a first!

• Gary Wagner, one of the staff assistants, was in Grade 12 when the current matrics were in Grade 8. On one of the photos he can be seen with the 2018 matrics, who were all Grade 8 snotnoses when he was in matric.

The matrics were given the gift of an embroidered fleecy blanket, which would be useful for the Preliminary examinations in the cold we are experiencing in George nowadays.

The boarders were asked to relay aspects that they would miss most about the matric boarders when they will not be with us in 2019, and the matrics could speak up and state what they would miss the most about the House.

Uncle Gavan prepared a special dinner for the evening.

It was a special evening for all of us and it will remain a tradition in the House.


“WOW!” is all that can be said!

Left: Bugan, aka USHER, Esau. Middle: Keya van As. Right: Head Boy Áedán Cumming and former boarder, Madison Solomon

The matric farewell was a resounding success this year – there was even a firebreather! Stunning and innovative décor; delicious food; dancing (if that is what some did – we could not decide whether they were successful, or not) – what a night it was.

Left: Matthew Barrett, Middle: Natasha Barends, Right: Nathan Hulme

Our boarders and their partners cleaned up nicely and looked stunning. You guys looked brilliant! Hostel Mom was in a corner crying her eyes out every time one of her chickens turned up in their best clothes with their partners. Hostel dad tried to hide away hostel mom so that no one could see her crying.

Both proud parents!

Left: Sean Sassin, Middle: Matthew Barrett and Áedán Cumming sharing an intimate roommate dance, Right: Kayla Marais doing her duty at the matric farewell

This is an important milestone for the matrics during their final year, and it is done earlier in the year so that matrics can settle down and get to work as quickly as possible. It seems to be a scientific fact that the matric brain only starts working after the matric farewell, and then just for a while until the 40 DAYS. Then it is supposed to be smooth sailing from there on...


The House thanks the outgoing leaders for their service. We are proud of our Head Boy, Áedán Cumming, and the Head of College House, Bugan Esau. It is the second time that the Head Boy of the school came from the boarding house.

We welcome our new leaders for 2009 …….

Thairone Tucker and Maria Kritzas have been selected to the school’s Prefect Body – Thairone is the Head of College House and Maria is the Head of Courtenay House. Four other leaders from the House are Luke Lloyd, Rain du Toit, Jake Rubin, and Kayla Marais.

We are looking forward to the year ahead.

New House leaders - Rain, Maria, Hostel parents, Jake, Thairone and Luke. Photo was taken at the 2017 GKC.


The participation of the boarders in this year’s SHOWCASE was phenomenal. Every time a boarder would walk up onto the stage to perform, hostel mom and dad exchanged a look of pride. Hostel mom applauded too loudly every time and would have thrown flowers if she could. Hostel dad was calm and collected, but bursting with pride.

Many boarders made their debuts on the stage – what an incredible amount of courage this must have taken!

To all our SHOWCASE boarders – well done on your performances and making your presence felt. You made the HOUSE proud!


Glenwood House College House - Home Away From Home!


Mama Lulu Mone

Personality: Mama Lulu is a gentle, kind, compassionate and enthusiastic lady. She has a courageous and generous heart and is passionate about what she does. She is always willing to help others

Job Role: Mama Lulu is the Grade 000 Meerkat assistant. She loves and cares for the children as though they are her own.

Duration: Mama Lulu has been part of the Glenwood family for 11 years. She is definitely a huge asset to the Pre Prep.

Family: Mama Lulu is a dedicated mother and grandmother to three daughters and three grandchildren. She has two sisters and two brothers. Mama Lulu’s family mean the world to her and she is always there to support them.

Hobbies in spare time: Mama Lulu enjoys walking, reading her Bible and going to church.

Likes: Mama Lulu loves to give back to the community by helping out at her church with teaching Sunday school and assisting in making soup for the soup kitchen.


Nandie was a pupil at both Outeniqua Primary and Outeniqua Hoërskool in George. She studied at Stellenbosch University where she obtained at degree in Education. She also obtained a Psychology degree through Unisa. Her career started at Glenwood House in its early stages and she was an integral part of its development for thirteen years. She taught Art, Drama and Afrikaans. The Arts Festival and “Glenwood's Got Talent” were two of her pet projects which she handled with great success due to her excellent organisation skills and ability to plan ahead.

Nandie is passionate about music and has a beautiful singing voice. She made sure that her musical instruments were part of her luggage when she flew to Germany! She loves Indian and Asian food and dislikes movies that are sad or scary because they tend to upset her for days afterwards! Jake Gyllenhall is one of her favourite actors.

She is the youngest cousin of a huge, close-knit family. She has two older brothers and is a doting aunt of 4. She is a popular friend and an enthusiastic teacher. Unfortunately for Glenwood, Miss Bahlmann has flown the nest and is now teaching a Grade 3 class in Germany. We wish her the very best of luck and happiness for the next phase of her life.

Nandie will be missed by staff and pupils alike. She has left her mark on Glenwood and is a hard act to follow.

Suzette West

Personality: Eternal optimist

Job role: Teacher in Consumer Studies and Life Orientation

Duration at school: Almost 3 years

Family information : My husband, Andrew, is an Environmental Practitioner. My eldest son, Barry, a Mechanical Engineer, works in Johannesburg and Paul, the youngest, studies B.Comm Financial Management at Stellenbosch University.

Likes: Many things!

1. Colour, whether it is in nature, food, aesthetical or just a colourful life!

2. Music and magazines

3. Nature and new life, combined with Wabi Sabi

Hobbies in spare time: What is spare time?? I enjoy reading – even recipe books; Soduko, any crafty things like knitting, lace making, sewing, card making, etc.

Patricia Jonkerman

Patricia Jonkerman is the all-singing, ever-smiling face that greets staff in the college staff room. Patricia has worked for the school since it was Ocean Ridge School, 12 years ago. Her duties include cleaning the offices in the administration block and cleaning the staff room and staff kitchen. Patricia ensures that all the staff have their tea and coffee at lunchtime, toasts our sandwiches and brings Mr Symes an occasional cup of tea. She also looks out for the teachers and parents who invigilate in the Auditorium and surprises them with delicious hot drinks. Patricia loves working with people and is always on hand for a chat, usually elbow-deep in a sink of washing up. She frequently has to navigate the narrow staircase in the administration building with a heavy tray of tea and coffee for the administration staff and requests that the students please use the correct staircase to access the first floor and not run on the stairs.

Patricia adores her new grandson, Charlo, who is six months old and in her free time she runs her own mini-enterprise, catering for weddings, birthdays and church events.




Glenwood House is extremely proud of the recent achievements of our young riders who were part of the Eden team that participated in the SANESA Western Cape Regional Finals. Glenwood House also won "Top achieving Western Cape High School", as well as “Top achieving Western Cape Primary School.”

Front: Cienna Erfmann, Vida Bacon, Leanka de Kock and Sarah De Wit, Middle: Frederick van Rijckevorsel (Team Captain), Jessica Du Plooy and Tyla Dafel, Back: Charlouis Kuhn, Kelsey Pelham and Daniela Ferreira.


The u13 A teams played in the Outeniqua tournament on Friday, 31 August. This, their last tournament for the season, proved to be a tough assignment. The boys managed to draw 1 of their 5 matches. The girls played better throughout the day and managed to draw 2 and win 1 of their 5 matches.

Front: Robyn Baker, Dane Swanevelder, Seke Zumbire. Middle: Gugu Zumbire, Unam Halam, Rozanne Beyleveld. Back: Samantha Hyde, Morgan Barclay, Samantha Bellew, coach Lurinda du Preez, Kate Bartels, Ann-Louise Coertze and Taylin Lincow.

The u13 B hockey team played themselves into the Eden league finals. They had to face Knysna in the semi- finals and easily beat them by 2- 0 with Shane van Eeden and Wido Rudolph scoring great goals. They then met the RAMPS team in the final. After full time it was 1-1 and the result had to be determined by a 8- second shoot- out. Unfortunately, we only managed to convert 1 goal and narrowly lost a very tense battle. Well done to our boys on a memorable season of great team hockey.

Back: Ewald Blaauw, Jonno van Niekerk, AJ Janse van Rensburg, Sebastian Smuts, Sean Vonk, Joel Struwig, Wido Rudolph, Shane van Eeden and Troy Schofield. Front: Niell Leonard, Sipho Njokweni, Stephanus de Kock, Dylan van Schalkwyk and keeper, Günter Young.


Glenwood House School is very proud of Shane van Eeden who was selected for the George u12 rugby team.


Glenwood House is very proud of the following players who were selected for the Eden water polo teams. They are: (front) Hugo Naudé, Cuan Leach, Joel Struwig and Alana Vermaak; (Back) Daniel van der Merwe, Catherine Mentz, Morgan Barclay and Taylin Lincow.



The 2018 College Netball season has now officially concluded. Our u14s ended the season with two games versus the touring side from Bergvliet High School, winning both games comfortably. We are so proud of our girls, who have worked hard to improve their skills this season, and all our coaches. An interesting breakdown of our successes this season is provided in the table below. Parents must also be thanked for their continued support of the teams, and their commitment in getting the girls to games and practices. We have a dedicated coaching and support staff who have been 100% committed to ensuring maximum game time for our teams. The end of a season does come with some sadness, as this year we say farewell to two matric players, who have given wholly to the team this season. We will have to work very hard at replacing the value that Genévieve Young and Ulricke Janse van Vuuren added to our first team. We wish Ulricke and Genévieve all the best with their preparations for Pre-lims and their final exams.


u14 played 12 games - won 10, lost 2

u15 played 7 games - won 2, lost 5

2nd played 8 games - won 4, lost 4

1st played 16 games - won 11, lost 4, drew 1

Left: Genévieve in action vs Wittedrift. Top: u14 vs Bergvliet. Bottom Middle: Ulricke in action vs Wittedrift. Bottom Right: Ulricke, Ms du Plessis and Genévieve.

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