Eggs for Epilepsy Scott Peterson

Although Scott grew up in Minneapolis, in 1993 he moved his young family to Monticello, Minn., to a homestead of just over 30 acres.
Chickens soon followed, and today Scott and his family care for about 40 chickens.

With the chickens came daily chores.

The chickens are fed high protein layer feed and leftover organic matter from their kitchen. When mature chickens lay an egg two out of three eggs, and Scott sold the extra eggs.

In 2001, his daughter Laura had her first epileptic seizure.

After her diagnosis, Laura suggested raising the price of a dozen eggs by one dollar and donating the difference to epilepsy research.
Eggs for Epilepsy, as Scott calls it, was born. "Every year I write a check for about $300," he said.

In 2013, Laura died of complications from cancer.

Scott still writes a check for $300 to epilepsy research every year.


(Photos and layout by Andrew "Carl" Carlson)

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