Kamikaze JaPanese suicide pilots

They were pilots for the Japanese military that flew heavily armed planes into enemy boats with the goal to sink or cripple them

They were not very effective, but were still honored as heroes in Japanese culture.

They sank 34 ships and damaged hundreds of other vessels during the war. At the battle of Okinawa alone, they killed about 5000 men

A missile was developed in the plane, and once it was armed, the pilot had no means of getting out of the plane. They would drop from about 50 miles in the sky, and glided until about 3 miles from their target, and then turned their engines on so that they reached speeds of around 600 miles.

The word "Kamikaze" translates into divine wind, and was taken from the name of a typhoon that helped the Japanese defend themselves from invading Mongols

They were a very impactful force that drove fear into the hearts of the enemies. Although they weren't very effective, the fact that they were willing to die just to have a chance to destroy an enemy was terrifying. They would die before accepting defeat.

The Kamikaze were a well known force that used piloted planes as missiles to destroy enemy ships. The End

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