How to Install vRay and connect to the apla license server

Attention: You will need to be on the VPN to pull a license from the APLA License Server. Please connect before proceeding.

Step One) Download vRay from Box.

Step Two) Double Click the download to install.

Step Three) Choose Open

Step Four) Enter your Computer Password (not AU)

Step Five) Agree to EULA

Step Six) Choose your version of Sketchup or Rhino (note that the Rhino install only works with Rhino 6) and Choose Advanced.

Step Seven) Uncheck License Server, Uncheck Share, Uncheck Chaos Cloud and Continue.

Step Eight) Choose Remote and type in APLAMAX.MMD.AUBURN.EDU into the Primary License Server and click Install.

Step Nine) Uncheck "Help us improve..." and click Done