Medieval day

Royal crown

My medievala name is alianor the great this is becouse I am a great king and great in battle

Fulton castle

My mighty castle is the best castle in the land and has 137 rooms is has a water way and a escape route it is made out of rock and wood it lives on a plane field and has its own garden to grow crops and sell to peasants it has guards and royal guards

This is my coat of arms

My daily life is hard but rewarding ruling a kingdom and making your people can be challenging but my daily life is easy I wake up and my servant makes me breakfast I special and wealthy one I then out my robes on and go to me Crown Jewels and sit next to them and wait for my people to come to the palace and ask me questions about my kingdom after that i relax with my family and have a nice roast I then wait for my servant to make my bed and make me get ready for bed and then go to sleep


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