Unashamed By: lecRae

  • This book is an AutoBiography about a christian rapper named Lecrae.
  • Lecrae is a guy from Houston, Texas and he has run into a lot of hardships in his life. Parents divorcing, drugs, gang related activities, & etc. He is currently 37 years old and continues to make a living off of what he does best.
  • This book takes place in numerous places, He goes from Houston, Texas then to Jacksonville, Florida and even his college he went to.
  • This book is the story of Lecrae' s life. The rough patches he had to go through growing up and how he overcame them in the future to be a better man than his past. He soon learns that everything in life isn't all about him.
  • The main character in this book is Lecrae himself. He lived a lonely life. His mom was having divorces all the time, he was in gang related activities, and he never had a fatherly figure there for him like everyone else did.
  • The theme of this book is, "Don't let your actions determine your outcome in life."
  • The primary conflict in this book is Lecrae's battle with christ and his loneliness. It is resolved through the story by him reaching out and making friends that end up inviting him to church, and taking him on church trips to help him understand these things. Later in the story he dedicated his life to christ and soon started his rap career.
  • Page 90 in my book says, "A person can be removed from slavery in an instant, but it takes a lifetime for slavery to be removed from a person." This quote is saying that you can be removed from the pain and suffering, but it takes time for all the effects of that to leave as well.
  • Page 100 in my book says, "The thing that matters most in moments like these is whether we are willing to listen to and heed what God is trying to say." This basically says that through our sinful moments in life and our hardships, we need to be willing and needful of God in all of those moments.
  • Emptiness- The attitude of being lonely.
  • Chanting- Loud joyus praise.
  • Relieved- Calm and or happy.
  • Vice- A bad habit
  • Intact- Together or complete
  • Overall this book was a huge help to me in my faithful standpoint. It helped me to understand more about christianity and what I needed to do to become a better christian. I would recommend this book to anyone who is questioning their faith and or having some of the same life struggles that Lecrae did growing up in this book.
  • Three words to sum up this book are "God Given Gift."
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