Pax By: Luke Sheppard

It is possible, by getting to your truth, to overcome your past

Vola, tries to get to her goals because she had to go through killing a man, being in the war, having PTSD, and removing her self from society. She tries to get over killing the man she get's over that because she was in the army base when she was shooting at a fake target but it was a real guy. She has PTSD because she was in the war and that brings back memories for her. Next, she removed her self from the society because she does not want to be seen.

This is the book Pax

Peter, he overcame everything. He had to overcome thinking he killed his mom. Having a dad that is crazy and that he left Pax. Peter thought that he killed his mom because he has swinging a baseball bat and he broke a vase and his mom got mad and left and got in a car accident and she died. Peter thinks he killed his mom because of that.

This is the book pax

This is a phenix, Vola has one and it is a symbol in the book. The symbol means to start over and do not get mad.

This is the book
This is Peter and Pax
This is Pax
This pax and the book
This is war

The end

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