Incredible portraits Iphone 7 plus (part 2)

Hello again, in this second episode I'm trying to explore further 'the portrait mode' feature of iPhone 7plus.

And the truth is, the more I shoot with iPhone the more I get amazed, how such blurred background or bokeh happens with such two tiny cameras augmented by some powerful software. Awesome.

To further explore the capabilities of portrait mode I shot some objects and more flowers with different backgrounds by iPhone 7 plus and results here are to be seen by all.

A beautiful toy car
A glass oval paperweight
A beautiful colour contrast of nature

All these photos were shot exclusively with iPhone 7plus handheld in portrait mode.

It requires a very short learning curve but results are truly amazing. Here are some more examples.

A time piece

A pen stand

Water jug


Such wonderful bokeh effects from a mobile camera is amazing feat. I am still exploring this camera for more complex situations and find out how it behaves.

One thing is sure with more software updates in future it can achieve much more effects which were only possible with professional grade DSLR cameras.

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Dr Manish Jain

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