Makayla Harper 3305 Final portfolio

This spark page is going to use the 4 projects that I did over the course of this semester to talk about how much I have learned about color. Color allows readers to know which information is the most important and it allows their eye to get there faster if it is clearly marked with a specific color.

This is the introduction video we made at the very beginning of the semester. I have learned a lot about design choices since this video was made. At the time I thought using yellow was a good idea because of the spelling bee reference, but looking back I wish I had made some more aesthetically pleasing and not so distracting. The purpose of this project was to just introduce ourselves to the class, so I think it served that purpose.

This was the very first big project that we had.

The overall point of the logo project was to create an original or recreate an already existing logo and through this logo show our understanding of design principles and to appeal to a particular audience with our design. It is clear that during this project I was still getting a handle on how to use Adobe illustrator and the tools that were available to me. This project utilizes color with the cross. It is red to indicate that this image is the most important and it fades into Africa to add a little bit of weight to the image to draw people's attention to that part of the image.

The Resume Redesign Project

The overall purpose of this project was to display an understanding of the design principles by creating categories and hierarchies that directly respond to a prompt. In this case a job ad. Color can be seen being used in this project when you juxtapose my name and my job title to my experience. In this project I wanted my name and I what I see myself as to be the first thing that caught a potential employers eye, and I did that by making those two things larger and more colorful than the other things on the page therefore prioritizing them.

The Infographic project

The overall purpose of this project was to demonstrate an understanding of the design principles by effectively presenting a large body of information, and the ethics of visual rhetoric. This project utilizes color in the way the information is presented. Most people do not enjoy reading infographics, so it needs to catch the audience's attention immediately. For this reasonI went with a more colorful design for my graphs. My infographic was about the decrease in the interest kids have in reading and knowing that kids already do not like to read I needed something to make them want to read this infographic.

From the very first assignment to our last project I certainly have a better understanding of the importance and effectiveness of color in design choices. And how wrong color choice can take away from the overall efficiency of your design as much if not more than correct color choice can add to it.

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