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Keeping It Non-Profit:

Throughout all the information provided to us, we identified a problem with financing the Arts Barge community project. Arts Council funding alone will not keep your barge in the water. We therefore focused our project on showing you how to use what you have, within the barge and additional enterprises already in motion, to fund the barge project, be that through the use of the barge as an events space or by hiring out your many bands for a nominal fee, or a combination of both.

There is a growing trend in people getting married or hosting events in more adventurous and quirky places, rather than the normal pubs, clubs and hotels. If is for this reason that we, as a group, have decided to consider the various outlets for expansion and uses of the barge which as of yet appear to remain unexplored by yourself.

The aim of our rebranding and expansion is to keep the community values that underpin the very foundations of the Arts Barge project very much a main focus whilst ensuring the barge has a future and the correct amount of funding to remain as a community arts venue. In addition to this we also used the opportunity to rebrand the Art’s Barge to our advantage and made an attempt at marketing it towards a more youthful audience without excluding more mature demographic.

Expansion Ideas:

As part of the expansion of the Arts Barge for private functions such as weddings, birthday parties etc. These events should be taken into consideraiton and a booking system for such events would also be required. The booking form has been coded in HTML & CSS using Dreamweaver for inclusion into any website.

Marketing of the Arts Barge as an events space:

Wedding Poster by Lauren Jackson
Kid's Art Party Poster by Lauren Jackson
Art's Therapy Poster by Lauren Jackson

Rebranding of the Arts Barge:

  • The aim of the rebranding was to create a more modern and sleek feel to any digital or online presence the Arts Barge has.


Logo by India Walker

Website Mockups:

Website Mock Up by India Walker
Website Mock Up by Jack McCormack

Proposal for new advertising video for Arts Barge:


Objectives: Our objectives for this advertisements were:

  • To improve upon the already existing videos of the arts barge
  • To get the point of the AD across quickly and not over do it
  • To showcase the Arts Barges different musical artists
  • To showcase potential events that could happen on the barge e.g weddings
  • To showcase the barge itself and create buzz for the project.

Ideas: Our first initial idea was to film a 30 second AD at the barge or just with the people behind the arts barge project at one of their events. At the event we planned to go around filming the day capturing the essence of what the group does and then edit all the footage together in a way that promotes the community aspect of the project but also the different artists and the fun that can be had. This idea was later dashed in favor of another idea and due to difficulties in travel and the lack of events going on.

Our second idea was to again film a thirty second AD but this time feature the possibilities the barge could have if they broaden their list of events to things like weddings and special occasions. This idea would be the best for showcasing the projects many different genre bands that could be hired out to play these events. This idea could also give the barge another source of income revenue which in turn could help with the upkeep of the barge. This idea we did keep but could not film due to lack of footage and the barge not being ready but we worked around this by creating a storyboard to showcase what we would have done and what we wanted the AD to be.

Locations - Where we Planned for the AD to take place.

We Planned for the ad to take place in York where the barge will be once the project is finished, This location within the ad would show off the location of the barge and the beauty of the area would may attract local nature lovers and boat enthusiasts. Setting the ad here would also let people know where the barge is and also show off the area to people who aren't from York and may attract them to come visit.

The costs: Since this is only a small project and not a major production the cost for making the ad would be very small. The mostly costly thing of making this ad would be travel expenses as me and my filming partner do not live in the York area. The rest is pretty much covered, we have a camera to film and because we are working with the arts barge their would be no admission fee to the event all that would be needed is the consent of the people we are filming. One thing that we would have liked that would have been quite expensive was a drone in order to take lovely footage of the area of York in order to showcase it.


Video Storyboard by Nusuri Bibi

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