"Patron Saint"

St. Anne

840 AD- 915 AD


St. Anne is the mother of Mary, her and her husband were unable to have a baby until a angel came to her and said that they shall have a little girl and devote her to God. When Mary was three they brought her to the Temple and gave her to them and never saw her again. St. Anne is known for a patron of women in labor.

Day in which St. Anne is celebrsted in the church

The feast day of St.Anne is July 26th. It is celebrated for ten days in Bukit Mertajam. Celebration consist of candle light procession.

Fun facts

  • She is the mother of Mary
  • She promised God her child would serve God
  • Her Hebrew name is Hannah
  • She was born from the house of David
  • Story of Anne is in the Gospel of James


St. Anne please help all the want to be moms be able to conceive a child and help them through the emotional and physical difficulties of this challenge.






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