The Great Southwest Tyler kimmel


Southeast Utah and the neighboring areas contain some of the most beautiful sites in America. Coming from the Midwest, Navajo Nation was nothing like I envisioned, in the best ways possible. Until construction consumed weekends, I was sure to travel every single weekend to somewhere new.


There is so much Native American history in this area. On nearly every hike there were petroglyphs, ruins or some sign of a once flourishing community. I can't count the amount of petroglyphs I either sought out or stumbled upon.


Designing and constructing were the highlight of this adventure, however. To make an impact on a family's life the way that DBB has on the Dee family is truly remarkable. We were given an extremely challenging list of constraints, during a pandemic... but we are proud of the results and excited for the Dee family!

Final Thoughts

The people, the environment, and the challenge are what I will never forget. While it was VERY stressful at times, the students and professors were able to get the best out of each other. Every day was a learning experience and required research and questioning.