My distance learning diary A typical day

Dear Diary,

At 7:00am I wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day. Normally I would be putting my school uniform on, but I'm not complaning about that!

Get ready to start a new day

After breakfast I'm ready to start my learning. I go into the distance learning website, but it's also on my Google Classroom.

check out our website: https://sites.google.com/leoacademytrust.co.uk/ccj-distance-learning/home

I start with English. Today I wrote a biography about Charles Richter on Google Slides. My teacher has done a template and I completed it with the information about him.

This is my biography work.

Later in the morning, I went on to do my maths. I do these subjects first because they need more concentration and I find them harder. For maths today, I learned about symmetry. I did this on Jamboard where all my work usually is for maths.

This is my work for maths I had to mirror the pattern.

After some lunch (I miss the school puddings!) and a quick game of netball, it's back onto my Chromebook to see what my next task is.

netball post

In the afternoon I decided to do my Topic which was all about Andy Warhol. We had to copy one of his pictures - Mount Vesuvius.

Andy Warhol's print.

Next onto my reading comprehension. I answered 10 questions on jamboard about the text called 'The Dream Asylum'. I really enjoyed reading this as it was very exciting and I would recomend it.

The Dream Asylum

After finishing my work, I go for a walk with my mum, dad and sister. Later I watch TV and chilled out.

Finished for the day.

I'm really enjoying my distance learning but it's not quite like being at school. I miss my friends. I'm excited about tomorrow though because we have a Google hangouts with the Digital Leaders and we have an online disco!!

See you tomorrow😀!!

From Rosie