Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

When I went to the last exhibit of the museum I saw this piece of art. From afar it didn't look that interesting. However, when I went approached it I was able to see all the details and how well it was drawn. Looking at it closely I was able to see the details a person wouldn't be able to see when they looked at it through a picture. An example is the FIVEME TIVERE that is labeled on the drawing. In addition, when I walked up to it I realized it was huge. It seemed much bigger than what is shown in the picture. Thus, it showed me that the piece of art took alot more effort than I thought it did since it was so big with so many details.

The artist drew a scene of a man that I assumed to be a king sitting in a chair at the bottom right of the drawing. This really appealed to me because it showed not just the map of the time but also a scene from the time to allow me to understand how it looked during that time. In a way this painting is similar to the modern Google Map. For Google Maps allows a person to look at a map and zoom in to a place and look at the surroundings as if the person was there.

It communicated to me that even in the past people were able to make such complex cities. It made me feel that the people of the past aren't as simple as they seem to me at first. In addition, after I looking at it I realized that the map is similar to ones life. For it is complicated but at the same time unique and interesting.

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