La Llorona


  • Maria (la llorona)
  • Husband
  • Two children


A little village in Mexico

Symbols and Archetypes

  • Rivers
  • Crying
  • Children


A beautiful, yet conceited, woman accepts a villagers proposal after he confessed his love to her. Once she gives birth to two children her relationship with her husband begins to drift. All of her husbands love and attention goes towards the kids instead of her. So one day out of spite, she takes her children to a river in the village and drowns them. It isn't until their bodies drift further down the river that she realizes what she has done, and in turn she kills herself.

It is said that her cries can be heard near large bodies of water where she looks for her children.

This spooky folk tale is usually passed around to "warn" young children about the weeping woman that haunts the rivers. Her cries alert children that la llorona is near. If the kids choose to follow these cries or don't go home to safety, she will take the kids with her, mistaking them for her own.

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Lessley Lopez

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