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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Synopsis: While at a music festival, a young man overhears the woman he wants to peruse a romantic relationship with after overhearing a conversation about him. Upon this discovery, he decides he must take extreme measures to make her notice him and see him in a new light. This attempt does not go exactly as planned - but it certainly grabs everyone's attention.
Location: music festival
Moral: Big risks may lead to big rewards, but not without consequences!

Act 1:

  • While at a music festival a young man is determined to win this girls heart over
He overhears the group speaking about him

Act 2:

  • He realizes he has to take extreme measures
  • Chugs back a quick drink before making the "big move"
Making his way over to the stage
Recites his love for this girl
Decides to take a leap of faith
  • Nobody ends up catching him ........ 😩
  • The girl runs up to express her feelings

Act 3:

Help has arrived
The feelings are mutual


  1. The hero: guy
  2. The ancient mystagogue: The band Journey
  3. The enemy: Girl
  4. The threshold guardian: Security guards
  5. The shape-shifter: Beer

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