The curious incident of the dog in the night-time LAURA GÓMEZ 1º BACH


Mark Haddon was born on 26th September 1962 in Northampton, England. He is a teacher and an important English novelist. The writer was educated at Uppingham School and he studied literature at Merton College.
Mark Haddon has done a variety of different jobs. When he got older, he started working with children who had mental problems. Because of that fact, Haddon started writing about children with this type of problems.
The writer wrote and illustred his first book at the age of twenty-five. Mark Haddon's first book was "Gilbert's Bookstopper". It was followed by other children books that were ususally self-illustrated. His best book is "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time", published in 2003. He also wrote books for adults.
This book was instantly a huge success and he won many prizes as The Whitbread Book of the Year Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. Actually, Mark Haddon lives in Oxford, his wife is Sos Eltis and he has two sons. He's vegetarian.


The book is about a child called Christopher that suffers from a known disorder called Asperger's syndrome. The story on the book happens in England, but not in London because Christopher can see the stars at night and in London we can't see it because of the pollution. We don't know when the story take place, but I think it happened some years ago, not much time.

Now, I´m going to divide the book in three parts. In each part, there are ten chapters.


NUMBERS OF CHAPTERS: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29.
SETTING AND TIME: On Mrs Shears' lawn and in prison. The story starts 7 minutes after midnight, but this part takes all night.
CHARACTERS: -CHRISTOPHER: He is a 15 year-old boy, he suffers Asperger syndrome. He is very quiet and he thinks a lot, he has a lot of imagination. -MRS SHEARS: I think she's old, she isn't calm and she doesn't like Christopher. -FATHER: He is very calm and confident. He loves Christopher and he understands him. -THE POLICEMAN: He isn't so patient and he doesn't like Christopher and his behaviour.
NARRATOR: Christopher
SUMMARY OF 50 WORDS: The story starts at midnight, when Christopher saw Wellington died on the grass in the middle of Mrs Shears’ lawn. When he hugged the dog, the police came and they arrested him because he hit a policeman. He decided to investigate who killed Wellington. Christopher told us that the chapters of his book will be prime numbers.
INTERESTING VOCABULARY: -MURDER:(noun) The crime of intentionally killing a person. -PRIME NUMBER: (noun) A number that we can only divide by 1 or itself. -METAPHOR: (noun) An expression to name something with the name of other thing that have similar characteristics. -LIE: (verb) The action of not telling the true.
PERSONAL OPINION: I enjoy reading this book. This chapters are interesting and they introduce the story very well. They aren't too long and this is good because this makes the book easier to read. I like the first part of the story, I want to continue reading.


NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71.
SETTING AND TIME: This part of the book starts at the police station. It continues at home and in the neighbourhood. Christopher also talk about something that happened in the hospital. This actions happen at night and the following days.
NEW CHARACTERS: -MOTHER: She had died before the story started. -MR JEAVONS: He's the psychologist at school, he seems to be calm. -TERRY: Terry is a boy in Christopher's class, he doesn't study so much. -MRS FORBENS: She is a teacher in the school and she believes in god. -MR THOMPSON'S BROTHER: He's a nighbour's brother and he doesn't talk so much. -MRS WISE: I think she is rude. -MRS ALEXANDER: She's a neighbour, she's old and so kind.
NARRATOR: Christopher.
SUMMARY OF 50 WORDS: This part starts when Christopher’s father took him from the police station. Christopher promise his father that he won’t investigate Wellington’s death and that he will keep his nose out of other people business. The boy says how his mother died for a heart attack two years ago and also, what is a super good day. Christopher wanted to continue investigating about Wellington. Mr Shears is his principal suspect.
INTERESTING VOCABULARY: -TRUTH: (noun) The reality of a situation. -SHED: (noun) The space that each house has for plants or something similar. -CREMATE: (verb) To incinerate, burn the body of a died person. -STRANGERS: (noun) A person that you don't know.
PERSONAL OPINION: I continue enjoying the book. I think it's original and interesting and when I stop, I want to continue reading. I want to know who killed Wellington too.


NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107.
SETTING AND TIME: The third part starts at Christopher's house and it continues there. Sometimes, Christopher is at school and at the park with Mrs Alexander. About the time, the sotry continues while the boy is investigating about Wellington, it takes some days.
NEW CHARACTERS: -MR SHEARS: Christopher thinks that he can be the murder, Chritopher's father hates him. RHODRI: He's the man who works for Christopher's father. He's always laughing about Christopher, he seems to be funny.
NARRATOR: Christopher.
SUMMARY OF 50 WORDS: Christopher came home and he told his father a white lie, because he shouldn’t know that he continued investigating. Christopher asked his father about Mr Shears and his father said that that man is evil and he shouldn’t say his name. Christopher had a Super Good Day. This day, he chatted with Mrs Alexander and she told him that his mother had sex with Mr Shears, that’s why his fahter hates him.
INTERESTING VOCABULARY: -GROANING:(noun) A sound made by a person in a situation of panic. -BEHAVIOUR: (noun) Different ways of human's answers to what happen. -PROMISE: (noun) A declaration of something will or will not be done.
PERSONAL OPINION: I thought that the book was going to be boring, but I'm very surprised. I like Mrs Alexander a lot, I think she is interesting and comprensive, also, I think she's a good character. I want to continue reading the book.

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