Character Ideas It starts with the character

Want to make the perfect character? Check out these options to get you started.

Gender: Boy, Girl, Transgender?

Height: Tall, Short, Medium?

Weight: Skinny, Medium, Heavy?

Eyes: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Mix?

Family: Big, None, One, Few?

Age: Child, Pre-teen, Teenager, Young adult, Adult, Elder?

Hair: Long, Short, Medium, Wavy, Curly, Straight?

Hair Color: Brown, Black, Chestnut, Red, Blonde, Platinum, Neon, Blue, Purple (Any color you want)

Skin Color: Pale, Dark, Olive, Tanned?

Personality: Bubbly, Quiet/Shy, Observant, Mean/Rude, Sarcastic, Kind, Funny, Mysterious?

Style: Girly, Expressive, Conserved, Comfortable, In Style?

Do they go to school? Are they supernatural? Do they have super powers?Are they a spy? Do they work? Are they wealthy? Are they poor? Do they live in the future? Do they live in the past?

I hope the following questions helped you! Let’s go make a character!


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