Power of love Rosa Rios

January 20, 2017 : What am I Passionate about? Im having difficulty deciding what i want to do..
February 3, 2017 : I think i wanna create a YouTube channel emphasizing the fact that you need to be confident in yourself and to love yourself for who you are and comfortable to be in your skin..
February 10, 2017: So far, I believe i have made a decision and i am going to doing my own YouTube channel explaining how to do different makeup looks. where i got my inspiraton from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Ov8qvZ2_w
March 2017 : During the month of March I did film a bit but i learned a lot about myself. Iv'e learned that it's very hard to speak to a camera ad that it's very difficult to come up with video ideas on what to film. I think that most of time when I've thought about filming and i would practice filming i mess around and not take it too serious.
April 14, 2017: Last weekend was military ball and i filmed a GRWM (get ready with me). i found actually found it kind of fun. I personally am little by little getting more confident about filming and feel like the only part that i need to work on is editing.
April 21st 2017 : I have filmed but what i have noticed is that editing is harder is harder than i thought when it comes to a YouTube channel.. i also thought about vlogging but the thing is that its not gonna be interesting to watch since i do have school. What iv'e also thought about is i should do weekly vlogs and posting them every monday or sunday.
May 1st 2017 : Last Friday, we had the symposium and it went great! I think that lately this project has lost my motivation and i have not felt as confident about it as i did at the beginning but this symposium definitely helped gain my confidence...
May 9,2017 : I honestly haven't filmed ever since the last time i filmed. I truthfully don't think i will have time to film anytime soon because of my crazy schedule with graduation approaching there is lots of deadlines i have to meet and lots of end of the year events i need to attend.
May 12, 2017 : I have no time! I didn't realize how time consuming being a you-tuber is. I am trying to make time for editing and filming but its just so difficult at the time.
May 19, 2017 : As finals are approaching the final ted talk is getting closer and closer. I feel like i a running out of time and that i have not been dedicating as much time as i should be to this project. I feel like i could do better but my procrastination isn't allowing me to do that. As of now i want to focus on editing my video and to get it up by 12am June 2 on my channel.
May 24, 2017 : I know that this is kind of irrelevant but yesterday i actually put myself out there and did my friend andaleeb's makeup for her graduation party.. i was really happy doing it because she really liked and her sister even asked me if i could her makeup as well. Even though it may not seem like a big deal it is a big deal to me because it gave me confidence to put my work out there...
May 26, 2017 : Its a week until the Final TED talk and honestly i am very nervous because I don't know what i am going to talk about specifically but i am currently working on my outline. I have set myself a goal to be completely ready by Wednesday night. I am going to have a PowerPoint presentation I want to use Prezi but i feel like Microsoft would give it a unique design to my project...



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