Jupiter By Gabriel Bradley

The diameter of Jupiter is - 88,846 mi (142,984 km).
Jupiter takes 9 hours 56 minutes to do a full rotation and it takes 11.86 years to revolve.
The average distance from the sun is --483,780,000 mi between the sun and jupiter
The planet Jupiter got its name from the king of all roman gods.
Jupiter is 24,000 degrees Celsius and 43,000 degrees Fahrenheit near the center but in the clouds it is 145 degrees Celsius and -234 degrees Fahrenheit.
Interesting Facts - 1. Jupiter rotates faster than any other planet.It fully rotates in 9 hours and 56 minutes.

2.Astronomers call Jupiter a gas giant because the planet consist mostly of hydrogen and helium.

3.Jupiter is also one of the first studied by a famous Italian astronomer named Galileo .

4.The ancient Babylonians were the first to record their sighting of Jupiter.


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