Summer Housing and Extended Housing Smith College 2019

All Campus Move Out is Saturday, 5/11 at 10am!

Everyone must move out of their academic year rooms by 10am EXCEPT: Seniors, Extended Housing students, Summer Housing students.

Living on campus this summer? Fill out the Summer Housing form in the link below! Continue reading on to learn more.

May-September 2018 Housing Calendar

**We are currently updating the May - September 2019 Housing Calendar!!**

Extended Housing

Who: Extended Housing is for any Smith student working Reunion/Commencement, Reslife Staff, student-athletes in post-academic year competition, Glee Club members, and other pre-approved students. Students are approved to live in extended housing by a supervisor or Smith College staff member. You do not have to fill out a form for extended housing, your supervisor must contact ResLife to organize this for you.

$$?: Extended housing is fee exempt.

Where/When: Extended Housing permits students to live in their academic year room until 12pm on their approved move out day on either May 20th or May 27th.

Summer Housing

What/When: Summer Housing is for any Smith student other than a graduating senior who needs housing during summer break (May 12th-Aug 18th). This is optional housing that operates by first-come-first-served reservation.

$$?: You will be billed for your room and board on a weekly basis (Sunday-Saturday). Move in is every Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm; move out is every Sunday morning at 10am. The fee for summer housing is $169/wk. This fee includes ROOM, DINNER M-F, and $46/wk TO SPEND AT THE CC CAFE

Where: You will choose to live in either Comstock, Wilder, or Park House.

End of Academic Year Move In/Move Out: During "All Campus Move Out" (5/11 @ 10am), if you have reserved summer housing for the FIRST WEEK (5/12-5/19), you can stay in your academic year room until Monday, 5/13. Key pick up for your summer housing assignment is at Clark Hall from 9am-4pm on 5/13. You can appoint a proxy (someone to come pick up your key for you) by emailing them and giving them written permission. PLEASE BE OUT OF YOUR ACADEMIC YEAR ROOM BY 6:30am ON TUESDAY, 5/14. **NOTE: ResLife can grant you access to your summer housing on Sunday, 5/12 after 4pm if you need to move early.

Summer Move In/Move Out: Summer Housing is reserved weekly from Sunday-Saturday. Move out is every Sunday at noon (12pm). Key pick up (@ Clark Hall) and move in is every Sunday from 2-4pm. If you are moving in/out of summer housing mid-week, Res Life office hours will be from 9am-4pm, M-F. Let us know your arrival plans and you can drop by Clark Hall to pick up your key then.

Summer Housing Form HOW TO:

1. Click on the above link to begin filling out your form.

2. Sign in with your Smith creds and navigate to the student entry form. (Note: if you are living off campus, you will not be able to sign in with your Smith credentials. Please contact reslife@smith.edu)

3. Select weeks that you will be staying on campus. Once you choose a room from the drop down menu, that room will be held for 15 minutes so you can complete the rest of the form. No other student can choose that house and room assignment for 15 minutes.

4. You can click on the question mark (?) next to the room drop down menu to find out more info about what rooms are available throughout the summer. You don't want to have to move every week during your stay!

5. Your total fees will calculate automatically at $169/wk. Note that this fee INCLUDES provided dinners M-F + $46 on your OneCard to purchase breakfast and lunch at the CC Cafe. There are NO weekend meals.

6. You can save and make changes to your form until May 1st when we close the form. PLEASE SUBMIT AND LOCK IN YOUR CONTRACT BY MAY 1st. The form will not re-open until May 30th when it will be open all summer.

7. After the form re-opens on May 30th, you must submit for summer housing by the Wednesday prior to the start of the week on Sunday.

Extended Summer Housing

When: Aug 18th-Sept 2nd

What: Extended Summer Housing is an option for students who are living on campus for the entirety of August. You will move straight into into their Fall 2019 academic year housing from your summer housing on Aug 18th.

$$?: $217.29

How: You can only sign up for these Extended Summer Housing weeks if you are signed up for the first two full weeks of August (Aug 4th-10th; Aug 11th-18th). This housing option is not simply for students who want to come back to campus early or who have travel needs. You can sign up for this in the same Summer Housing Form that you've been working on.

September 1st Move In

Who: September 1st Move In is an option for students who are coming back to campus early or who have travel needs. This move in day is before "All Campus Move In" September 3th-4th.

When: September 1st; 10:30am-2:30pm.

$$?: $150

How to sign up: No need to sign up, just arrive on campus Sunday, September 1st, and come to ITT to collect your keys!

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