Florida Museum of Natural History the beauty of nature

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Rainforest was by far my favorite exhibit to walk in and explore. While it is nowhere near the conditions of a real rain forest it was very enjoyable to walk around inside the exhibit and listen to the flow of water and watch as the butterflies fluttered about the leafy green plants all around. The exhibit exuded tranquility that is nearly impossible to find outside of nature and really connects visitors to a portion of what would be the butterflies' natural habitat. There is no way that any picture or monitor could ever give me the same feeling i got the day of my visit.

Nature and Ethics

Nature while resilient is not immortal and could very well be changed forever as we know it without humans taking that into account. The museum shows this to the public and puts these very pressing matters into perspective for those who choose to visit. Though sadly it is unable to force people to see what is right in front of the. Leopold's ideal must be pressed on a case by case situation or there will always be a large amount of people who will never care for nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Nature has long played a role in how our civilizations have have grown and evolved, playing major roles in the rise and fall of empires and the inventions that make our everyday lives that much easier. Here in the picture above is the bone tools and trinkets used by native Americans as not only a means of survival but to show respect to the animals that they killed and mother nature by not wasting a single part of the animal. "Waste not and want naught" a very common saying but not commonly practiced by civilization today, if adopted though could help to bring us closer to nature through the appreciation of of what it gives to us.

Background picture found via search through spark story; Three aspects pictures taken by me.

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