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I've just completed the first week of the Adobe Skillbuilder: Video course, and I've really enjoyed it because I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. I am very used to working with digital images in photographic form, and can edit photos quite contentedly, but video is an area I have never really worked in before.

The first week has been interesting in that I've seen how easily a basic video can be constructed using Adobe Premiere CC. Like all well-designed software, it allows newbies such as myself to create something half way decent, but also has all the bells and whistles that I am now eager to learn about, that will lift my work to the next level.

It helped this week that I was using footage that other people created, rather than my own. This enabled me to focus on the software and how I was going to piece it all together.

My final piece is a bit grubby, and I can see errors every time I watch it. Some of my clips don't phase well with the music, and my logo at the end is the wrong colour and is not overlaying a video clip like I wanted to do. Consider it a work in progress, and one that will continue to be refined, and may even be replaced on Vimeo.

Week 2 of ADOBE skills builder: Video

The second week of my Adobe course on video is now complete, and my video has been posted. I've learnt a great deal more about Adobe Premiere Video Editing this week, and I feel that my resulting video is much more refined, but still has a way to go to be truly wonderful.

This course has given me plenty of time to reflect and think.
The participation of others learning the same skills has been a huge motivating factor. It also spurs you on to complete the course, just like in France, where the local experts taught a group of us how to improve our skills at their local game!

This week, I've managed to incorporate some of my own holiday clips, and the tone of the video was more relaxed. This meant that I needed a new music clip, and so I decided to create my own backing track. It's very simple, but every great journey begins somewhere. I used GarageBand on my iPad to create the tune, then exported it to the Creative Cloud. This proved to be a very useful feature, and worked seamlessly.

The other main addition is some transitions and text over the video. There is no voiceover, so the text fulfils that part of the advert and helps to tell the story. The transitions are not perfect, and I'm going to practice with those to really understand them. That's the beauty of this course: it develops your skill set, but also gently signposts where you need to concentrate next.

My learning journey into video is now begun, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next...

I have walked alongside experts, and learnt alongside other professionals.

Final reflections

So, the end is here, and I have completed the course.

I can now go out into the world and share my skills and knowledge with other people, I can use my skills to produce better personal videos for use in art projects I do and I can reflect on my own tutoring and teaching practice.

I have driven myself through this course, learning a great deal along the way . (This Whoosh!, my faithful old car)

One of the biggest barriers to me starting this course was my perception that I would have to shoot a load of videos and that I would be judged on something that is quite personal to me. However, the course used stock footage to edit a video for the first activity, which was a brilliant way of focusing on the skills being taught without adding in the extra burden of shooting lots of your own footage, which would have been a whole different skillset.

By the time the second week came around I knew how to put the in and out points into videos, how to import just the video clip without sounds, etc. I then felt confident enough to put in some of my own clips, knowing that I was going to edit them to show specific parts of the story I was telling. This careful consideration of how to layer knowledge and skills in the right order is something I will remember and take with me into my teaching practice.

My learning journey is just begun. Beyond this mountain, there's a bigger one yet to be climbed.

The range of videos during the course covered all the skills you needed, but also more as well. There were videos on shooting videos and the types of shot to take, yet they were not strictly of use in the course if you were using existing holiday videos. However, watching them planted seeds of ideas, which are still germinating now-another useful teaching technique.

I never got to watch a video live, having to catch up with the tutorials later. They were friendly enough, but tended to simply rehash how to complete the assignment, and not adding much more in terms of technique or detail. I suppose that if I had watched live I could have helped shape certain sections through making comments online, but the basic format still had to be got through.

The journal has always been an important part of my own reflective practice, but keping it online, and sharing it, is something I have never done before, but which I will continue to do. I was inspired by some of the course participant's learning journals, especially those which had completed multiple course and built up a portfolio of their own training.

So this is it for this course on video, and I'm signing off. I need to go and master transitions, dabble in the dark arts of After Effects and improve my Illustrator logo skills. I may have completed this course, but it has set me off on a journey that has only just begun...

Roll on the next course!
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