The Story of a Wonderful Mother by: angelina Posada

I interviewed my mother Angelina Macias because I connect to her. When she was young she went through a lot of the same obstacles I am now going through myself, and I can turn to her for advice. She's 41-years-old but she's a powerful women and she still tries to do the best for me and my brother even if she has little money. She always buys us what we need like school supplies, food, and clothes and I thank her for that. She's from Aguascalientes, Mexico but she came to California when she was 6-years-old hoping for a better life with her mom, brothers, and sisters so she had to leave everything behind. I interviewed her because she always has a positive mind towards everything and I look up to her not only as a mother but as a sister and a best friend. Also, I never really interviewed my mom or ever talk about her much with other people. Not because I'm ashamed, but because she's usually busy or she doesn't like talking about her childhood or anything.

When she came to California it was pretty scary for her. She didn't know any English, but by the time she was eight she had fully learned English. When she came to L.A. she lived in a violent place and there was a lot of gangs. She lived with a violent family and her younger brother would leave the house in the night and come back the next morning, and her sister dropped out of school in her freshman year and started using drugs. Her older brother got deported and her younger sister actually passed away when she was 14. That's why my mom doesn't like when I go out to much or come home that late. When she was pregnant she had to quit college and take care of me, it was really hard for her and she had to stay in the hospital with me for months to make sure the doctors were taking care of me since I was born premature. So she was basically on her own since my dad wasn't around all the time.

When she was in High School she dropped out to help her mother out. But luckily she did the best for her and she went back to continuation school and got her High School diploma. Still, her kids and her mom motivated her to continue being a great mother and daughter. Sometimes she tells me she wishes to continue college and get a career. Actually, what she most wanted to do was to become a singer and a movie actress. It surprised me because I never knew she wanted to be that, but back then when I was a little girl I wanted to be a movie actress also, but I noticed that didn't fit my personality. But to hear those words from my mom it was so surprising that she had an opportunity to become that, but she decided to stay home and take care of me.

She’s a positive influence in my life because she’s given my faith; and she still does. But she gave me faith to continue going to school and accomplish my dreams. She’s also supported me when I’m feeling a down and she always sits with me and asks me what’s wrong. She also takes me out like to go eat or shopping or takes me to the park so I can feel a little better. She always tells me funny things I used to do as a kid. And I feel like she deserves the world because she’s a wonderful and beautiful woman inside and outside. She also makes me feel proud. Sometimes I might not thank her, but deep down inside I know everything she does now is give me a bright future.

May 30th 2013 First Communion

My relationship with my mom has grown a lot. A few years ago I couldn’t trust her that much because she would get mad for the smallest things ever, but now she doesn't get as mad. Now she tells me what’s good and bad and she doesn’t want me to struggle like she did. Because in her High School years she didn’t enjoy her life that much so she doesn't want that to happen to me. Also she trusts me and she tells me everything that happens to her at work, and I tell her what happens to me in school.Through this our relationship has grown a lot. I feel confident about myself when I tell her stuff and we keep it between us. We also talk about the things that bother us, and we might disagree at times, but everyone has there own point of view.

“People come and go, don’t waste your tears on someone that isn’t worth crying for."


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