ABC'c of Africa By,Emanuel Vargas

Africa-The second largest continent and is located south of Europe.

Africa takes up 6% of the earth!

Berber- Berber people are also indigenous!

Berber people live near Libya, Egypt, and Niger!

Cocoa-Cocoa is grown in Ghana.

Drums-Drums were used for sending messages and celebrations.

Ebola-Ebola is a disease that was around Africa.


Created with images by markusspiske - "globe africa europe" • WikiImages - "africa continent aerial view" • ammar01uk - "Berber Icon" • 526663 - "cocoa beans cocoa cacao" • AlexanderStein - "chocolate dark coffee" • monica.renata - "cocoa" • eliasfalla - "cocoa man colombia" • kevinzim - "djembe" • skeeze - "eiffel tower long exposure lights"

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