My Advice to You By huzaifah ahmad

Last year, I took the 2-period Co-op program as one of my 8 courses. The year before, I really was looking forward to it and I was excited for being able to work at a place where I can learn a lot about the things I am interested in. And it didn't disappoint me. Because it exactly met my expectations. I chose to work at a small computer repairing shop in Aurora. The shop was called Aurora Computer Technologies. My first few days were a bit difficult for me because I didn't know much about how everything worked there or what should I do and what I shouldn't. But as the time passed, I got better and better. Some of the things that I was responsible to do are; when a customer came in, I was supposed to say hi and ask how can I help them. And then they would let me know their problem and I would try my best solve it. If they brought in a device for repairing, I was responsible to put their information into the system and get their sign on the workorder. I was also responsible to run some basic diagnostics on the device to check it's basic components like the hard drive and the memory sticks. The other thing I was supposed to do was to answer the phone if my supervisor was busy. I would listen to their question or their problem very carefully and answer it in the very best way possible. If I didn't know the answer to their question, I would simply tell them, very politely, that I don't know the answer but I can ask my supervisor or tell them to call back when my supervisor was available. These are some of the things I was responsible for. My experience there was amazing because I got to learn a lot of amazing skills. I learned how to run a DFT (Drive Fitness Test) on a computer to check if there was any problem with the hard drive. I learned how to open a computer properly and put it back. There are somethings that I didn't realize at first, but soon I noticed them and then behaved according to them. Things like going on to my phone while at work. I soon realized that my supervisor didn't like it so I stopped doing that. It was because they had a kind of a policy that no phones at work. The other thing was that my supervisor wanted me to always doing something. He used to say,"You are here just for 2.5 hours, you should be always learning something because there is a lot to learn here". So even when I had nothing to do, I would just mess around with computer and discover new things, because there really was a lot to learn there. But overall, my supervisor was very nice to me. These are some of the things that I had to do that led me to a successful Co-op experience. But before reaching my destination, I had to go through some challenges. One of these challenges was my punctuality. Now let me tell you this; punctuality is one of the most important aspects in a job. So if you mess up there, you are going to have a very big problem and it may even lead to an unsuccessful Co-op experience. My Co-op placement was a bit faraway from my school, so it took me almost 30 minutes to get there everyday. And I had to take public transit because there was no other option for me. So I had to rush from school to catch my bus and then I had to rush to my placement, from the bus stop, to be on time everyday. That was a bit of a challenge for me, but most of the time, I made it on time to my placement. Finally, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed my experience at my placement and I learned a lot from there. I would definitely recommend that placement. Because, as I said, there really is a lot to learn there.

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