Rube Goldberg Project Session 1

This term one of our projects will be to build a Rube Goldberg Machine. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a complicated machine to do a simple task.

This is a Rube Goldberg Machine

For the start of The Rube Goldberg Machines Project we had 2 hours to design and create a Machine. First we designed our Machines and had to add three simple machines. My groups simple machines were a pulley, lever and an inclined plane.

For the design first a golf ball should go down a steep inclined plane (Simple Machine 1: Inclined Plane) then into a yogurt container that pulls the golf ball up to the top of a hill (Machine 2: Pulley) , and then the golf ball would fall out and hit one end of a ruler with the paper on the other end (Simple Machine 3: Lever). Then the paper would get catapulted into the bin.

A plan for our lever into bin (Simple Machine 3)

There were some problems when we were building our machine. Like we couldn't make the ball go down the steep ramp without breaking the pulley with it's momentum.

This is one of my group members trying to fix the pulley

Also we couldn't make the ball fall out of the pulley, than hit one end of the lever that then should shoot paper into the bin. Because it kept on missing. While we were trying to fix these problems by moving the lever into different places that we tested to see if the ball fell on the lever, we unfortunately ran out of time ☹

This is a group member fixing the lever.

This 2 hours of making and designing a Rube Goldberg Machine was great fun and got helped me improve on cooperating with others and gave me a big idea for what we would be doing this term !

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