Taking Beautiful Pictures A TUtorial

Hello! I am a sixth grader, and I love photography! At school, our teacher announced that we would be doing a year long project, so here is mine! I took plenty of pictures, edited them, and created tips along with them. I made this website to educate people on how to take beautiful and quality pictures. I also want people to know that photography isn't difficult, and quite simple. So, without further ado, here are my photos!


First, let's learn about pictures with different angles!

This picture has a nice balance on the left and right side. There is great symmetry.
Here, instead of taking this from the front, I took it from the back, which makes it more interesting.
I took this picture in a vertical different angle. Instead of getting the whole church, I took this with just the bell tower, again, in a very different angle.
This beautiful suspension bridge was lit up and the balance with the lights and the dark was great. I also think that the bridge being the central object looks amazing.
This picture has many other trees with different angles.
Be creative! For this one, I had to get down on my hands and knees in the snow. Don't be afraid to do things like that!


Let's get on to pictures with bright and vibrant colours!

When I went to Mexico one year, there was a market in one of the towns we visited. We found this beautiful square, and that is where this was taken. Make sure all your pictures don't have too many dull colours, because your viewer will become a little bored.
Again, in Mexico, there were beautiful, huge palm trees, almost everywhere! This one looked remarkably big. Usually, when taking photos with trees, they look great when you take them from a downward angle like this!


Let's talk about animal pictures!

Taking pictures of living creatures can be difficult. But, once taken, it can be a beautiful photo. This vibrant jelly fish was perfect.
This picture of a cat was taken in a fun and cute angle


Now for some lifestyle pictures!

This was taken in Vancouver. You can even just take pictures of the street you live on. Photography isn't supposed to be hard.
As I have already said, photography can be just as easy as holding your central object and taking the picture!
These houses looked great for a shot, so I just took this, (in a creative angle) and put a filter on top!
This is an edited picture of a street in Abbotsford!
If you think something could turn out to be a good picture, take it! Don't be afraid.


Let's learn about pictures with reflections!

This picture was taken with great lighting, and there is great balance between the reflection water and the boats.
This was taken on a alligator tour. These were little huts the Japanese used in WW2.
I found some beautiful canoes on a stand in Vancouver. The bright colours of the canoes contrast nicely against the water.
I thought this beautiful sunrise had great balance between the water and the sky.


Now for some beach pictures!

Here the alignment of the boardwalk and the ocean is great.
Here, I simply thought my toes looked nice in the sand, and voila! Easy as pie!
Here the waves and the colour of the sky blended nicely.


I hope you learned a lot more about photography and that it's is not complicated. In fact, it is simple. I wish you luck on your future photography hobby or career. Thanks for reading!

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Miranda Steingart


Copy right free. Just a reminder that I took all the pictures!

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