Tim + Ryan Engagement | #Tyantheknot

It all started on a far too cold April morning along Chicago's lakefront. Tim's best friend and kindred spirit, Nadine, was in town when they met for "brunch". Shortly after, Nadine requested to go to a spice shop. Tim did not bat an eyelash, but as time went on things got suspicious. Post-spice shop, Nadine started taking phone calls and kept hiding behind trees.

Tim knew something was up. He asked Nadine what was going on, and she handed him a Tiffany blue envelope with a message inside that read...

I hope you've enjoyed brunch with Nadine! You're about to go on a magical movie adventure, and at the end of it, I have a question I want to ask you. Love, Ryan.
It was so cold, about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tim and Ryan watch children's movies together, particularly Disney Pixar movies, religiously. Tim's favorite is Inside Out, while Ryan's favorite is Ratatouille. Ryan wanted to infuse this cherished pastime into the proposal, so he recruited their closest friends and family to act out scenes as characters from some of their favorite Disney Pixar movies. First up were Jacob and Rachel, dressed in a chef's toque as Ratatouille.

Jacob and Rachel explained how they have enjoyed getting closer to Tim and Ryan while bonding over meals at home and around Chicago

Along the way, Tim was collecting purple balloons from each set of friends. He had no idea why at the time, but it would all make sense later. After leaving Jacob and Rachel, Tim moved further along the lakefront and found his sister, dressed as one of The Incredibles, representing the importance of family to their relationship.

At first, Tim couldn't stop laughing...
But, that quickly turned into the first of many ugly cries
Lots of hugs.

With two purple balloons in hand, Tim marched further up Lake Michigan and came across their friends Elaine and Craig near Fullerton Avenue beach, holding a Nemo plush doll (that 100% still sits on Tim's bed in Boston).

Craig pretended that he was Crush the turtle. He and Elaine recited a poem about Tim running away with their "Nemo-Ry" (code for Ryan). Yes, these two make much better friends than turtles.
Still only two balloons, because of course Chicago's wind had to have at least one victim on this day.

The next stop is where the ugly crying picked up again. In the distance, Tim saw two of his best friends from Northwestern, Cassie and Irene... with his dog Eirene (no relation between the friend and the dog).

See them in the distance...

Cassie and Irene gave Tim a yellow memory ball, straight out of the movie Inside Out. Yellow represented Joy, an emotion Tim and Ryan felt with Cassie and Irene. Irene brought Tim to tears by recollecting a conversation they had three years earlier, where Tim stated he didn't know whether or not he would find love.

He was wrong. So wrong. He learned to love, and found pure, unadulterated joy.

With his heart full and dog in hand, Tim was sent on his way by Cassie and Irene to progress to his final stop on the magical movie adventure...

(look at that beautiful dog!)
So far, so good...
Wait for it...

In the distance, Tim saw Ryan, dressed as the old man from "Up", holding a bouquet of balloons just like the man in the movie.

After a lot of tears, and an approximately five-minute-long hug, Ryan took his moment to shine...

Ryan explained that he had been traveling through life, making memories and keeping them in the different colored balloons. However, he was missing one color -- purple -- and he wanted to combine their balloons together into one bouquet.
Tim said yes. (Duh!)

Cheesy? Yes. Tear-jerking? 100%. Captured Tim's obsessive Northwestern school spirit? Absolutely.

And now they are planning their wedding for August 18, 2018 in the city where they first met, chicago, il

Tim and Nadine at the celebration dinner at Knife and Tine that evening. Not only is she a tremendous friend, she graciously stayed behind the camera all day documenting the magical movie journey
Full group at Knife and Tine, with everyone involved in making this magical day come true.


Nadine Ajaka 

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