Enlightenment Thinkers By:Alyssa Gonzalez

John Locke : 1632-1704,

John Locke was originally from Wrington, United Kingdom. Then over time moved and lived in the Netherlands.

Quote of Wisdom

"All mankind...being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions." - John Locke

The quote by John Locke means that since everyone is equal, people all have the right to do what they please and no other person should come in the way of that.

Summary of ideas !

John Locke was considered an Enlightenment thinker for what he did and what he believed in. John said that every person is born free and equal with three things, life, liberty and property. John believed that people could learn from their experiences and improve themselves; people have the ability to govern their own affairs. John very much disliked the thought of having an absolute monarch and liked his idea of self-government more.

Impact on society

With all the ideas John came up with and how he expressed his mind, people began to notice the truth behind his thoughts. His thoughts very much impacted modern political thinking. He believe that if the government does not do its best to protect the rights of life,liberty, and property then the people have the right to overthrow it. Another point is that the government's power comes from the consent of the people and that is the foundation of democracy today.

John Locke challenged traditional beliefs in society by....

John Locke's idea of self government was completely different to what the society had before which was an absolute monarch. He said if the government does not fulfill the people's rights they can turn against it, and that was not done before so therefore was different to people. Also with the idea of self government changed the way people think which led to having a democracy later on.

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