2019 Annual Report enfleshed

Any honest reflection on 2019 reveals its significant collective losses and weighty challenges, but its chaotic offerings were also rich in the stuff that grounds, that steadies, that grows. At years end, I found myself eager to leave it behind, but not without a bit of gratitude for the gifts birthed in the midst of its tumultuous days.

enfleshed's second year of being and becoming was such a fruitful one. Our fledgling ministry getting its legs. Our community growing. Our work gaining clarity. Our year ahead, so full of potential. Art. Collaboration. Provocation. Nourishment. More of all it this year. In new ways. In steadying ways.

This year, I was offered some feedback from someone who said they felt like they had just feasted on a Thanksgiving meal after an encounter with enfleshed. This is what I desire - that in a world where so many of us are deprived of a sense of spiritual satisfaction by narrow theologies or destructive institutions, enfleshed can help set a table of spiritual abundance. Of plenty. Of nourishment for the places within most neglected.

There's no promise that the days ahead will be less turbulent for any of us in 2020. The hopes we may carry into the new year come with their own responsibilities. We've got a lot organizing to do, conversations to have, mending to pursue. There will be long nights of debate. Days short with exhaustion. There will be catastrophes predicted and rulings unforeseen. But in all of this, the call to tend well to our souls persists. We do this by remembering beauty, speaking and hearing truths that free, practicing desire and delight, committing to dreams of abundance in a world that would have us accept crumbs of joy, crumbs of justice, crumbs of god. To create and facilitate spiritual resources for collective liberation - this is the hope of enfleshed. I am deeply grateful for all the forms of support from community that make this ministry possible.

Deep gratitude,

Rev. M Barclay - Director - they/them

Moments for Common Nourishment

26 issues

Our free bi-monthly column offering bits of nourishment from our theologian-in- residence, Rev. Anna Blaedel, and a guest writer each month.

Liturgy that Matters

400+ pages

Feminist, anti-racist, queerly grounded liturgy and sermon applications for hundreds of progressive clergy of many denominations - contributing to more just, inclusive, generative, and theologically rich worship across the U.S. (And in one incredible congregation in Columbia)

Pastoral Care and Ally Consultations

200+ Hours

Free one-on-one pastoral care and consultations to LGBTQIA people, allies, and communities working to make their gatherings more equitable and inclusive in all ways.

Liturgy Library

50+ added

Prayers and litanies for a wide-variety of worshipping needs added to our free and ever-growing liturgy library. These resources have been used in protests, community-led gatherings, personal spiritual discipline, worshipping congregations across the country, special services of celebration, loss, or community solidarity, house-churches, and more.

Custom Liturgies


enfleshed provides custom liturgies for individuals and communities looking for expansive words that ground in liberation and contemplative theologies. Each is constructed to meet the needs of specific contexts and, in most cases, is then offered for others' use through the liturgy library.

Highlights this year include: a litany of becoming for a collective home ritual at the start of transitioning, an anti-bullying community-wide service following a collective loss, a series of queer worship services, and an inclusively re-framed remembrance of baptism.

Preaching and Workshops


Some topic highlights from the extensive offerings of this year: Trans care at the end of life for the National Hospice Annual Conference, an extended series on the Sacred and the Strange, Liberation in the UMC, Faith and the Harm Reduction Movement, and introductions to social justice and the gospel.

Locations included but not limited to: Chicago, IL; Evanston, IL; Ithica, NY; Iowa City, IA; Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Mt. Morris, WI; Cedar Rapids, IA.

Public Theology (podcasts, articles, interviews, etc)


enfleshed was in conversation this year with Counterbalance Progressive Christian voices - KZUM 89.3 FM radio; Autostraddle; The Advocate; Feminist Conversations in Religion with Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual; NY Magazine; Huffington Post; Filter Magazine; USA Today; Des Moines Register, and others...

Elyse Ambrose, Mike Campos, Becca Gurney Powe, Jessica Hagar, James Hill, Grace Imathiu, Saunia Powell, Joe Rajchel, Tyler Schwaller, Theologian in Residence: Anna Blaedel, Director, M Barclay

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