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What is a candidate driven market? In 2018 we saw strong factors in many high-growth regions around the world, where demand for talented professionals in a variety of niches, exceeded supply. The pendulum shifts depending on global business growth, which indicates a favorable post-recessionary climate where organizations are growing exponentially (thanks in part to increased global expansion into new markets).

While the news is good for the business sector, it also presents a number of challenges. First, businesses are finding it more difficult to acquire skilled technology, executive leadership and other key talent. With more employers competing for a limited labor pool of experienced professionals, recruitment can take more time to source the right fit for the organization.

Retention of skilled employees also becomes challenging, in a candidate driven market. Experienced employees are less willing to seek other opportunities, when the labor market has fewer opportunities. The equation in a candidate driven market changes dramatically, as organizations are offering increasingly attractive salaries, comprehensive benefit and vacation packages, and opportunities for advancement.

A recent MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study showed 31% of recruiters said that candidates rejected offers based on better opportunities elsewhere, while hiring managers were deliberating after interviewing the prospective hire. One of the key takeaways from that study implies that organizations must shorten their deliberation period, when they have identified a candidate they wish to hire.

Increasingly employers are also finding themselves in a situation where they must navigate counter offers made to the prospective hire. A situation that requires a successful strategy to position the hiring organization as a ‘better opportunity’ when compared to counter offers by the candidate’s existing employer, or another competitor.

Finding the idea candidate for your organization is only part of the complicated and time intensive process of procurement. Hiring managers who choose to work our team of global recruiters, access the experience and strategies we use every day, to help place talent with high-growth organizations.

Contact us to learn more about our recruitment methodologies, and our resourcing performance for global corporations in this new candidate driven market. Visit our resource blog for more insights in "Strategies and Outcome Considerations for Employment Counter-Offers".

"60 percent of enterprises are expected to move their IT systems to cloud by 2019. As the primary value proposition of cloud continues to shift from “cost/efficiency” to “innovation acceleration". Deloitte’s State of AI in the enterprise, 2nd Edition


In the United States alone, more than 200,000 new technology jobs were created in 2017, employing over 11.5 million workers. While some niche sectors were quick to engage in digital transformation, others are now embarking on the difficult task of moving from manual to automated, database and artificial intelligence driven operations. And that means the demand for experienced and skilled technology workers shows no sign of slowing in the next 5-10 years worldwide.

In the labor market, the focus when hiring technology workers has always been on the technical skill set and driven by experience managing different types of software language and business functions. What we are seeing now, is an emphasis on soft skills, such as performance orientation, communication skills, innovative problem solving and other strengths that allow employees to think creatively and learn new platforms. Leading corporations now understand that software mastery has a limited shelf-life, as it is constantly evolving. The hiring priority is to target candidates who have demonstrated the ability to remain agile and adapt (and quickly adopt) new technology.

Consumers are quickly adopting voice-search in all aspects with personal mobile devices, and within the home. Smart panels like the new Google Assistant Smart Displays, and now the Facebook Portal. This rapid shift to voice search for all things will require technology professionals to develop fluid consumer friendly applications, as well as digital marketing experts who can adapt online content to voice search requirements.

With the new GDPR regulations in effect for almost a year now, data management and security professionals are in high demand. Healthcare industries are moving toward electronic health record (EHRs) management of confidential information shared between care facilities. There will be a significant push for universal code of ethics and defensible security measures in data analytics, to protect corporations from public backlash and regulatory penalties for data breach.

One of the other insights we’d like to share about technology start-up organizations is a notable business model switch. More start-up companies are building from venture capital with significant shareholder involvement, with the objective of rapidly building a successful revenue model and then selling that business, when stakeholders wish to go public with an IPO. Part of the asset valuation for companies preparing for an IPO is a team of technology professionals on staff, that will evolve and move with the organization.

For over twenty years, reesmarx has been a leading expert and global resource for businesses in the technology sector. Contact us to learn more about our international team of recruiters, serving thirty countries worldwide.

We are pleased to offer our corporate clients a new career coaching service. Invest in the strategic skill development of your management team.

New Professional Career Coaching Services Available

Starting on a bespoke coaching journey with one of our qualified, experienced coaches will help you gain a deeper understanding of your skills, priorities, achievements, values and motivators. Together, we draw on these personal insights to address career related issues, identify resources and gain clarity around possible future career paths.

We work with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and professional experience and there are many potential outcomes and benefits. The first step is always a complimentary session to explore if it's the right path for you and to provide you with a full overview of the stages and what the process might involve. We offer one to one career coaching sessions as well as workshops and corporate packages.

For Corporate Executives

Organizations that are in the midst of business transformation, need to ensure that their executive leadership is poised to guide all teams and business operations through the new growth period. Change can have both positive and negative disruption when it comes to operations, and when corporations invest in executive coaching, they are ensuring that the tools and mindset required to guide the organization are in place.

There are many studies of Fortune 1000 companies that reported tangible ‘trickle down’ benefits as a result of executive coaching. On particular study published in the Manchester Review, indicated that executive coaching leads to improved customer service (39% frequency), cost and expense reduction (23%) and increased profitability for the organization (22%).

Some of the intangible but equally beneficial gains made by organizations that invest in executive coaching include improved relationships with stakeholders, stress reduction and improved work/life balance for busy executives, improved delegation and conflict management skills and more.

By identifying and promoting self-awareness about strengths and weaknesses, executive leaders can address them and improve their overall performance. The work that is done through comprehensive career coaching creates room for innovation and creativity, and an positive sentiment about the organization, that helps innervate the positive contribution and energy that managers and executives bring to the table.

When Does The Employee Experience Really Begin?

We would like to change the perspective that many hiring managers have, about the start of the employee experience. While much work and preparation are done to ensure that the new hire is on boarded and oriented to the new workplace culture and responsibilities, starting a new employee off ‘on the right foot’ actually begins before they are even hired.

What behaviours and interactions support a positive hiring experience for prospective candidates? Regardless of experience or age of the candidate, interviewing for a new career opportunity can be anxiety ridden. Not only do candidates have concerns about their ability to interview successfully, but they are also wary of choosing a new employer and workplace that may prove to be a negative experience. It is not until someone is hired that they can truly access the culture and whether it aligns with their personal comfort and needs.

As much as employers scrutinize perspective candidates by reviewing the LinkedIn profile (and recommendations), prospective hires also do online research about the organizations they are interviewing with. For example, websites like Glassdoor make it easy for candidates to see past and current employee reviews and comments. It is common for candidates to do that kind of research to sate concerns about high-turnover or toxic work environments.

How can you modify your interview methods to create a positive experience for new hires?

The employee experience begins at the first touch or connection, and it is the invitation to interview that starts the journey. Are you using a standardized email for each candidate you wish to interview, or are you adding personalized comments to the correspondence that creates a positive first impression? While templates are frequently used, intuitive hiring managers will also add to the correspondence about specific skills or talent sets that have made the job seeker stand out from other applications.

For example: “We have reviewed your credentials and note that you have worked with two start-up SaaS organizations in the past seven years. We would like to learn more about how you applied your skills and experience in a start-up and brand launch environment.”

Just as employers are ingratiated by an interviewee who has taken the time to research the organization, job seekers feel the benefit of personalized correspondence. It helps establish trust and distinguishes the organization as one that recognizes individual contributions. Acknowledgement is a powerful driver that creates a favorable first impression.

Other ideas are to include non-management employees in the second interview (if the first one was conducted by telephone). Allowing prospective hires to meet and understand the other members of the team they will be working with, also helps to ease some of the questioning unknowns, while adding a more personable touch to the in-person interview process. Conversely, allowing other team members to have input on new hires can increase social on boarding success rates, when the candidate starts.

From the method of interviewing, to the mood and engagement of hiring managers and recruiters through the process, there are many opportunities to create a positive interview experience. One that will help eliminate apprehension, clarify performance driven expectations, and set the tone for a successful on boarding of the new hire to your organization.


Nick Gilmour has enjoyed 14 years of experience recruiting mid to senior level candidates in the ever changing and dynamic technology industry, and the past fourteen years working as a valued and indispensable member of our team at reesmarx.

Global Resourcing Director at reesmarx (London, United Kingdom)

Recruiting worldwide from the United Kingdom, to the UAE and Asian Pacific regions, Nick shares that one of the most valuable aspects of his role as Global Resourcing Director at reesmarx, is the opportunity to support technology startup's and businesses expanding into new markets. The cultural diversity and exposure to unique business practices and growth models provides a dynamic career experience for him. Thank you Nick for 14 years of exceptional service as a member of our team.

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