National volleyball player Day September 14tH

National volleyball player day would be on September 14th. Volleyball players get out of school to have fun and play some mud volleyball. Little kids can come and play with them, the volleyball plays will get recognized on this day. They will get a golden volleyball and 100 dollars as a bonus to buy new stuff. After that they get to go out to eat as a team and watch they favorite sports on tv. Than they get to go home and have a relaxing day doing what they want.
Mud volleyball .
Interesting Facts
1) Did you know 410,00 girls participating in inter scholastic volleyball are injured. This can be ever dangerous for the players life and career. 2) Considers concussions constant of 4.1% of injuries, head,face,and neck are 2.3% upper limb is 21.3% torso and pelvis 13.8% lower limb 51.1% and other 7.4% are injuries. 3) there were more than 26,000 juries and 6.1 million exposures from 2004-2009. 4) 33% of college athletes quit. 5) During each 16 week phase the athletes will work out two or three days a week 6) many volleyball players have to be dedicated for 12 months every year all year. 7) many spend there whole life practicing and improving their health. 8) They have to be able to play their best every game or playing time is cut back even more. 9) Rookie volleyball players only get paid 8,000 a season. 10) Volleyball improves hand eye coordination, reflexes and balance.
See for those reasons volleyball players bust there butts to get to where they are today. For these reasons people spend there entire life's to train and be where they can do the best of their abilities.
Overall these are the reasons I believe volleyball players should get a holiday for them. They are for our entertainment and for their love of the game. These players inspire little kids to get out there and do what they please because anything is possible.

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